What You Can Expect From Chemical Peel

What You Can Expect From Chemical Peel

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What You Can Expect From Chemical Peel

Chemical peel is ideally done in doctor’s office, where all the facilities are available, in case some emergency appear, such as allergic reaction to chemicals used for chemical peel. Your doctor will protect your eyes (using goggles, cream or gauge etc.). Your face will be cleaned and your hairs protected. For light chemical peel painkiller medications are usually not required. However, you may require them for medium or deep chemical peel. You may also require a sedative for deep or medium chemical peel. For deep chemical peel, your doctor may use local anesthetic to numb the area of skin where deep chemical peel is to be done. Sometimes other body parts may also be required to anesthetize.

It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions about protection of treated area for getting best results as well as for preventing certain side effects.

The results of chemical peel depends on the type of chemical peel used (such as light, medium and deep chemical peel) and how many times and how frequently the peel was used.

Light chemical peel results:

Light chemical peel can improve skin texture and tone as well as remove find wrinkles from your skin. However, initially the result may be only subtle, but result become significantly clear and distinct after using light chemical peel repeatedly for some time. However, it is important to remember to avoid sun exposure of treated area and if sun exposure is unavoidable, use a protection in the form of good quality sunscreen lotion or physical covering (such as with dark cloths). As the process removes the dead cells from epidermis, the skin may look fairer too, compare to pre-treatment time. However, this effect may go away after some time, especially if chemical peel is not repeated.

Medium chemical peel results:

With medium chemical peel, one can expect the skin to be smooth, along with most of the benefits of mentioned in light chemical peel.

Deep chemical peel results:

The results of deep chemical peel is more dramatic compare to light and medium chemical peel. Look and feel of treated area may be very different and better. Skin tone that was irregular can become smooth, color of skin will be lighter/fairer. However, it is very important to protect your skin from sun till your doctor desires to prevent damage to skin and color change.

The results of all the types of chemical peel cannot cure skin problems permanently, such as wrinkles, skin tone etc. because as you age, these changes are inevitable and has to be accepted by everyone as reality of life.

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