What to Know Condition of Your Health? Look at Your Shoes

Your shoes can tell many things about your health, especially about your muscles and bone diseases such as arthritis. The way your shoes wears out, can indicate medical conditions, such as musculoskeletal disorders.

1. Outer heel of your shoe wears out:

Normally our foot lands with heel strike during walking, which is followed by flattening of mid foot and then forefoot strike pushes, us forward. Hence, it is normal to wear out the center of the heel. So, when outer heel wears out it indicates that, there is high arch that does not flatten mid foot during walking. This leads to inability of foot (shoe) to act as shock absorber. As a result, these individuals are at greater risk of ankle sprain and injuries more frequently. There is weight imbalance at the knee and there is erosion of cartilage at the knee joints and risk of early arthritis. The same condition leads to extra pressure at the hip joints and hip bones and lead to medical problems such as pain during standing and walking.

What to do if outer heel wears out?

Consult an orthopedic surgeon or a podiatrist. They can guide you to correct gait training. Correction of your gait can help in re-modeling of your bones and reduce risk of early arthritis.

2. Inner heel of your shoe wears out:

if your inner heel wear out, it may indicate knock knees or flat foot. During walking your arch flattens with mid foot strike. If your inner heel wears out, it leads to overuse of your calf muscles due to tightening of calf muscles. This may lead to frequent cramps of calf muscles and injuries at ankle joints. Pelvic deformity may be caused by this type of problem, leading to low backache. You may become tire easily while walking.

What to do if inner heel wears out?

You can correct your walking and gait by using insoles. Consult your podiatrist for selecting right type of insole.

3. Wearing out of big to or small toe side:

It indicates that you are wearing too tight shoes or you have a wide foot and you are putting excess pressure on your forefoot, which leads to unstable joints. It may lead to development of ingrowing toe nails or hammer toes and create problems.

What to do if your big to or small toe wears out?

Use wide boxtoe shoes to give adequate space for your toes.

4. Ball of big to wears out:

It may indicate that you are suffering from equinus deformity. It occurs due to limited movement of ankle due to tight Achilles tendon, which leads to excess pressure at toe during walking. This problem may be acquired or congenital. You may be at greater risk of developing corns or calluses.

What to do if ball of big toe wears out?

Consult your orthopedic surgeon or a podiatrist. You may do physiotherapy of calf muscles by light stretching them to relax Achilles tendon. Extra cushion or gel insole under your big toes may be helpful.

5. Mouth of shoe inside wears out:

It indicates that you are using shoes bigger than your size and during walking you are trying to adjust your shoes but due to oversize, shoes slips off every time. It leads to friction, which causes blister formation, inflammation of tissues of foot. There may be shin pain.

What to do mouth of shoe wears out?

Change your shoe to correct size and make sure they are perfect fit.

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