What to Do When a Baby Is Crying

What to Do When a Baby Is Crying

What to Do When a Baby Is Crying

Babies are so good and beautiful when they are smiling and waving their innocent hands at you and winning over your heart. But when they resolve to crying out their lungs most people get upset and it takes a mother level patience to be able to soothe a baby down and eventually stop it from further crying.

When a baby cries it may be a hard task for you to decipher exactly the cause of the discomfort. Perennial babysitters may often know the cause of a baby’s cry but for you who it is a tough one. That is why you are here reading this article in order to know what to do., What to Do When a Baby Is Crying

First, before you decide on the next action to take to soothe a baby, you have to establish the cause of discomfort in the baby onesies. There are numerous causes of discomfort in babies but in this article, I am going to detail the most common ones. Unless the baby has an illness or any abnormalities, the reasons i have stated below and their remedies should come in handy when trying to soothe a baby is crying

Common Causes of Discomfort in Babies

Causes of baby discomfort can range from physical distress, to emotional disturbances. Even the slightest disturbance of arguing people in its environment can cause a baby to cry so be careful to maintain a healthy environment around a baby.


One of the most common and relatable causes of discomfort is obviously hunger. This even causes distress in grown up human beings so one can imagine what it does to a baby. You should check some of the standout signs of hunger, which are:

  1. Fussing
  2. Lip smacking
  3. Insertion of the hands into its mouth.

These are signs that the baby is hungry and its needs feeding. A baby should be fed often too often as advised by the pediatrician in order to ensure it does not cry often and it leads a healthy and fruitful development. Once you notice a baby is crying and it is showing any of these signs make sure you feed it and it will definitely calm down.

Stomach Problems because of gas

Stomach problems arising from gas or rolic are one cause of distress in babies. Colic is a condition that is consisted of inconsolable crying for at least three hours a day, at least three days a week and three weeks in a row. Complicated, right? The constant and repeated crying causes the stomach muscles to be exhausted causing distress. Gas on the other end is easy to solve, as there is a variety of anti-gas medicine for children to choose from.

If you suspect your child is suffering from gas bouts, there is a definite home remedy. Just lay the baby on a flat comfortable surface, grasp its feet, and make its legs move in a bicycle manner. This would help ease the condition and guaranteed that the child will calm down.

Need for Burping

Burping usually happens few minutes after a baby is fed. If your baby cries during this time, check out if it needs to burp. A baby who is has this urge tends to smack the lips outwards. Burping is caused by inhaled air during feeding and when this air is not released, the urge to burp in order to release this air develops.

In case of the urge to burp develops and the baby is not able to burp, you can rub the back or alternatively lay the baby on its stomach and it is certain to burp and quit crying.

Check out for a dirty diaper 

A dirty diaper in a child will always cause discomfort and cause the child to cry. Check the diaper and if it has wet its diaper, be sure to change it and the child will surely calm down.

Need for Sleep

Sleep is essential for babies for rapid development. When a child is need of sleep, it cries and rubs its eyes. If you notice this, just pick it up and sooth and it will soon go to sleep.

I have you have a solution on what to do when your baby cries and if the crying is persistent, be sure to contact a pediatrician.


Having a baby is a desire everyone. However, do you know how to take care of a baby when he or she cries? Crying symbolizes different circumstances hence if you are not keen the baby my end up crying for a long time.

So, if you are a new parent or a nanny please follow these techniques to make your child’s growth more comfortable and happy. Ensure you have a person that understands your baby if you are not around.


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