What to Discuss With Your Doctor for Common Cold

What to Discuss With Your Doctor for Common Cold

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What to Discuss With Your Doctor for Common Cold

If you or your child or any member of your family gets infected with common cold, you may decide to consult your doctor/pediatrician/family doctor. As most doctors are busy and appointment with your doctor may be brief, it is wise to know and learn the topics you need to discuss with your doctor, regarding common cold anyone of your family member may be suffering. Prepare for your appointment with your doctor and know what questions to ask your doctor and what to expect from your doctor.

You should be prepared for appointment before seeing your doctor. Write down the symptoms you or your child or any member of your family may have and for how long you may have the symptoms. Write down if there is any medical information or any medication being received for other medical ailment, about the patient of common cold worth mentioning to your doctor. Mention any recent exposure to people with similar symptoms. Finally write down what questions you might ask your doctor during appointment. You should also ask you doctor about the ways to prevent common cold.

You may ask the following questions:

  • What is/are the causes of the symptoms?
  • How long it may take for symptomatic improvement?
  • What medications or foods to be avoided during treatment?
  • Is there any need for tests?
  • Am I contagious?
  • When it is safe to return to work or school?
  • Is there any home remedy or steps taken at home that will be helpful?

Your doctor may ask following questions before writing treatment for you:

  • What are your symptoms and for how long they are present? Did all symptoms start at the same time?
  • Is there any change in the symptoms severity (improved or worsened)?
  • Do you have fever?
  • Did you closely interact with any individual recently with similar symptoms?
  • What medications/supplements you (patient) are taking at present?
  • Do you at present have any illness (acute or chronic)?

You may be asked some other questions by your doctor based on different patient setting. Your doctor may ask different set of question to different patients with similar illness. Be prepared to answer the above mentioned questions accurately.

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