What Medicinal Herbs May Replace You Pills?

Today’s choice of medicine is that various multivitamin and pills are accessible, and it is obvious that herbal supplements have become less popular and common nowadays. However, contrasting to natural drugs, synthetic ones have a range of contraindications and side effects. This is one of the essential reasons why it is better to avoid synthetic drugs in a treatment process if there is such opportunity. The group of health experts and experienced doctors set a list of the most effective herbal products and health supplements that may help you in treatment. Visit Website and check it out!


The hawthorn is very useful herbal medicine for people who suffer from unstable pressure.  The haws consist a range of essential elements, including flavonoids and antioxidants, which prevent the probability of pressure increase and some illnesses like ischemic heart disease, cerebral neurasthenia, and vascular walls. The recipe of treatment is very easy. Take two tablespoons three times a day before eating to make your pressure get normalized.


Echinacea is at the top of the herbs which are responsible for immunity protection. In autumn, our organism and body itself are very fragile by virtue of virus attacks.at this time, the immunity system calls for the arsenal of needed components – vitamins C and A, citric acids and essential oil. All these components activate blood cells, which are responsible for the immune activity. It is very easy to get treated with the help if echinacea. You need to flood 50 grams of echinacea with some water and leave it in a dark place for 14 days. From time to time it is needed to shake the container. In two weeks filter the liqueur and take 20 drops of echinacea liqueur three times a day before eating.

The balm

The balm is very efficient in insomnia treatment. It is enough to drink a cup of balm tea to make your sleep sound. It is not only a tasty drink but also a medicinal herb that consists of acids, essential oils, that have a sedative effect on an overloaded nervous system. The liqueur made with the balm is very useful not only for adults but also for children and teenagers. How to make a sedative balm liqueur? Flood a teaspoon of a herb with a cup of hot water and let it brew for 5 minutes.


Chamomile is a perfect medicine against a sore throat. Once you feel some inflammatory process in a throat, drink a cup of chamomile tea, or even better – rinse a throat with a tea. Chamomile tea is one the best and most efficient natural anti-infective agent due to its mixture of salicylic acid and essential oils. As soon as you feel irritating sore throat, put a teaspoon of a chamomile in a cup of hot water and let it brew for 15 minutes.


If you have already tried all the remedies against a cough, probably you have never drunk a thyme tea. It consists of diverse useful elements, including bitter and tanning substances, ursolic and oleic acids, vitamin supplements – D and C that help to excrete expectoration from bronchus and lungs. The recipe is the easiest. Flood a tablespoon of herb with a glass of hot water and let it brew for an hour. You may drink a tea three times a day by 4 table spoons after eating.


Mint herb is a number one medicine from headache. If you are usually tortured by strong headaches, a pressure in temples, it would be better for you to drink a mint tea twice a day, or at least once before sleep. Mint tea helps to relieve strains from muscles and blood vessels and also relax our nervous system by virtue of big amount of menthol and essential oils. It is easy to get rid of a headache. Put one teaspoon of mint leaves in a cup of hot water and leave it for 10


If you have a problematic skin or you are tortured with acnes and dermatitis, you should try to take a bath with celandine. This herb affects your skin with natural antibiotics phytoncides and also alkaloids, which abolish bad microorganisms, vanish your skin and catalyze the process of treatment. You need just flood 5 table spoons of the herb with three liters of water and then boil it for 5 minutes. After the cooking of a decoction, you have to filter it and pour in a bath.


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