What Kind of Treatment Will Someone in an Alcohol Rehab Undergo?

What Kind of Treatment Will Someone in an Alcohol Rehab Undergo?

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What Kind of Treatment Will Someone in an Alcohol Rehab Undergo?

Alcoholism is common in the US, with as many as 1 in 12 adults suffering from alcohol abuse or addiction. Often one of the best ways to overcome this addiction is to seek expert help in a rehab center. It can seem like a daunting experience but it gives an individual the time and space that they need to concentrate on recovery. They also get individual assistance from experts who know how best to help.

One of the most important aspects of the treatment a person will receive if they enter Alcohol and Drug Rehab is the identification of underlying issues and help to overcome them. This dual diagnosis and treatment is vital if a full recovery is to be made. Often there are reasons that individuals become addicted, such as depression or bipolar disorder. Drinking as a means of escape quickly becomes a trap instead. If these conditions aren’t identified and addressed then it’s highly unlikely that any treatment for the addiction itself will be successful in the long term.

Using the experience to help

If someone is suffering from alcohol addiction, especially if they are in the thrall of an illness such as bipolar disorder as well, it can be very difficult for them to open up and have a discussion with a therapist. Unless this happens treatment cannot progress. Experiential therapy is a popular tool used to make conversations easier. Think about it, where would you feel more relaxed, in a sterile office or on a relaxing afternoon walk?

Experiential therapy isn’t so much about the type of experience as it is about the benefits to the resident. Many rehab centers offer a variety of activities as part of their experiential therapy including experiences like yoga, hiking, gardening or going to the gym. These activities don’t just present a more relaxed environment for a conversation; they also instil a sense of achievement in the resident. When people suffer from alcoholism it can seriously deplete their self-esteem. Experiential therapy presents them with a way to get it back.

What is cognitive therapy?

If you have never suffered with alcohol addiction it can be difficult to understand the negative thoughts that come with it, or even instigate it. Once these thought patterns kick in it’s really hard to escape them. Cognitive therapy is used to try and sever the links to these negative thoughts and replace them with thoughts that are more positive and productive.

A major part of cognitive therapy is to get the resident to realize the reasons behind the compulsive behavior they are displaying with their addiction. This is the first step to getting them to increase the positivity of their outlook on life. It sounds like a cliché but it really is easier to conquer your demons when you face them instead of hiding away.

Anyone entering alcohol rehab will have a personal treatment plan that may feature any of these aspects of treatment, in order to help them recover and lead a full life away from addiction.

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