What is the Purpose of the Inversion Table?

What is the Purpose of the Inversion Table?

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What is the Purpose of the Inversion Table?

When we talk about the backaches and spinal pains, the inversion tables have played a vital role in helping the backache patients to recover. These tables have been in use since recent years and have gained a high rank in the world of medicine as well. This table works on the principle of utilizing the gravity to create a traction to the spine so that pressure exerted on the length of the spinal cord which results in the recovery from back pain. This pressure forces the pelvic bones, spinal bones, the compressed joints discs and nerves to come back to their original place and give the patient relief from pain., What is the Purpose of the Inversion Table?

Let us have a look at the health benefits you could avail from making use of the inversion tables wither at home, at your physical trainer or the hospital gym.

  1. Relief for the back pain

The use of inversion table for a couple of weeks have shown positive results in the reduced back pain in the lower part of the spine and has helped some patients to say goodbye to the stiffness in the back. The use of the inversion therapy at the angle of 60 degrees for around seven to eight weeks has given the best output to the reduced backache and higher flexibility in the spinal area.

  1. Good for spinal health

Studies have also revealed that the use of the inversion therapy has shown positive results in the health of spine as well. When the pressure is exerted in the spine while you bend, walk or run, the chances of damaging the spine increases. While the induction therapy helps relieve this stress and increases the overall health of the spine.

  1. More flexibility in the spine

The people having long hours in the desk jobs often find a stiffness in their back, and it eventually turns to a chronic backache that stops you from enjoying some perks of your life. The use of the inversion therapy does help increase the flexibility of the spine, enhancing the micro movements in this part of the body and thus promising better health.

  1. Reduced risks of surgery

A survey held in the year 2014 showed that the chances for the back surgery get significantly decreased for those patients who had been using the inversion therapy for last six weeks. The increased compression during the inversion therapy on the lower part of the spine can potentially decrease the lumber issues. This way a lot of people with a backache could heal up without getting the surgery.

  1. Circulation in other parts of the body

The inversion therapy does not only help recover the back pain, but it is also helpful to other body parts as the flow of blood and circulation increases when you bend and invert your body. The better flow of blood ensures better health of the organs and hence better health conditions. You can read the Reviews on Inversion Tables to get more info on the topic.


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