What is Egg Freezing and Why it is Done?

What is Egg Freezing and Why it is Done?

What is Egg Freezing and Why it is Done?

Egg freezing is a method for preservation of reproductive potential for women. Egg freezing is done for use in future if requirement arises. Medical term for egg freezing is mature oocyte cryopreservation. If you decide to use egg freezing, mature eggs (ova) from your ovary are harvested and preserved in lab under freezing condition which can be used later when required. When need to use frozen eggs arise (if you decide to use your frozen eggs later) one of your harvested and preserved egg can be thawed and used for in-vitro fertilization (usually in a test tube hence known as test tube baby) by implanting the egg in your uterus. It is important to understand the risk and benefits associated with egg freezing, before you decide to go for it.

Why egg freezing is done?

There are various reasons for egg freezing. Different individuals use egg freezing for different reason. For example, if you do not want to become pregnant now and want to delay it, and you also want to make sure you can get pregnant without any problem in future. Some of the common reasons for egg freezing are,

  • If you are about to undergo treatment for cancer (chemotherapy or radiotherapy or both) or any other serious medical condition that may hamper your potential of fertility in future you can opt for egg freezing. This will allow you to have biological children later on.
  • If you are infertile (due to male partner or female partner) and undergoing in-vitro fertilization, you may require egg freezing. This is commonly done if your male partner is unable to produce adequate/sufficient vital sperms when your ovulation takes place and your doctor retrieves mature ova for in vitro fertilization. This gives better possibility of conceiving.
  • Another reason of egg freezing is simply you wish to preserve your mature eggs for future use. This trend is gaining popularity these days and egg freezing can be done at affordable cost easily and many couples, individuals are opting for egg freezing. You preserve eggs at young age and use them when time is right for you to become pregnant.

For egg freezing sperms are not required. Sperms are required for embryo freezing or embryo preservation, where fertilized eggs are preserved instead of mature eggs. In egg freezing, you may have to take ovulation inducing drugs to produce multiple eggs to be retrieved for egg freezing. Otherwise only one egg is matured during ovulation and this may take long time and may be costly and time consuming.

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