What causes patient dissatisfaction in Lasik?

What causes patient dissatisfaction in Lasik?

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What causes patient dissatisfaction in Lasik?

As with any other surgical or medical procedure lasik can also have poor outcome after the procedure. Some of the poor outcomes are human errors and some are unavoidable and some are preventable by taking appropriate steps before operation (appropriate pre-operative preparation), during operation (intra-operative care) and after operation or post operative care. The dissatisfaction in patients undergoing lasik eye surgery are generally due to some side effect that lasik eye surgery can have (as with any other surgey) and some dissatisfaction are due to over expectation of patients from lasik eye surgery as they expect something like miracle and when they do not get overexpected result, the patients are dissatisfied.

The most common cause of patient dissatisfaction is ‘dry eye’ that lasik surgery can cause as side effect. The incidence of dry eye can be as high as 35% after 6 months from surgery and according to USFDA the “dry eye” may be permanent, which can be a great cause of concern and discomfort. As the incidence of dry eye after lasik eye surgery is very common, proper precaution should be taken before, during and after surgery as well as managed properly if dry eye develop despite proper precautions.

There are several methods of treating/management of dry eye, such as regular application of artificial tears, punctal occlusion etc. The punctal occlusion is a procedure where a collagen plug is placed in the natural drain of the eye, through which tears is drained. Special care is required for management of dry eye, because if left untreated it may lead to reduced visual acuity and in regression of the effect of lasik surgery and in some cases lead to permanent dry eye.

Some of the cases of dry eye can not be treated properly and lead to permanent dry eye and an individual should be prepared to accept the risk and than decide to undergo lasik eye surgery.

Other complications that a patient may suffer after lasik eye surgery are halos around eye, foggy vision, double vision, overcorrection or undercorrection of refractive errors, photosensitivity, wrinkles in the flap after operation etc.

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