What are the Withdrawal Symptoms of Heroin Addiction?

What are the Withdrawal Symptoms of Heroin Addiction?

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What are the Withdrawal Symptoms of Heroin Addiction?

In some European countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Holland etc. diacetylmorphine is available as prescribed controlled drug for long term use. It is controlled internationally under Schedules I and IV of Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

What are the withdrawal symptoms of heroin addiction?

Withdrawal symptoms of heroin addiction start about 6-24 hours after withdrawing (discontinuation) the drug. But the amount of last consumed dose can increase or decrease the time of starting the symptoms. The symptoms are sweating, anxiety, depression, painful erection, generalized body ache, general feeling of weakness and heaviness, pain in arms and legs, runny nose, yawning, feeling sleepy, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, cold sweat etc.

Treatment of heroin addiction should ideally be done in centers where all de-addiction facilities are available or de-addiction centers meant to treat and manage drug addiction. The de-addiction centers have all the supporting systems required for successful de-addiction as well as to keep the former addicts free from drug. A de-addiction center is incomplete without having vocation training facilities for the employment of the drug addicts who has been treated successfully.

Vocation training and proper counseling is key to keep the former drug addicts free from drugs. Unless the addicts are provided with suitable employment and given a chance to join the mainstream society there is high chance of them becoming drug addict again.

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    heroin addiction May 08, 2013 10.05 am

    I have passed the treatment for heroin addiction in a rehab center and saved myself from all withdrawal symptoms that you described.

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