What are the risks Involved with Hepatitis B Vaccine?

Hepatitis B vaccine is very safe vaccine and majority of recipients of this vaccine do not have any problem. The vaccine is manufactured by recombinant DNA technology, which uses non infectious particles from the virus and it can not transmit hepatitis B infection. Although the hepatitis B vaccine is safe, like any other drug it may have some side effects or problems which are generally mild in nature.

Mild problems with hepatitis B vaccine:

Mild problems hepatitis B vaccine may cause include fever or 100 degree Fahrenheit or more (which occurs in approximately 1 in 15 recipients) and soreness at the site of injection (which occurs in approximately 1 in 4 recipients).

Serious problems associated with hepatitis B vaccine:

Hepatitis B vaccine like any other medicine may cause serious reaction, but such reactions are extremely rare. It is estimated that severe allergic reaction (which may occur due to any of the ingredients used in manufacturing the vaccine) to hepatitis B vaccine may occur in 1 out of more than a million doses (which can be considered extremely rare).

How to recognize moderate to severe reaction to hepatitis B vaccine?

Look for any unusual condition after receiving the vaccine shot, such as fever, abnormal behavior etc. Also look for symptoms of serious allergic reaction such as hives, difficulty in breathing, hoarseness of voice, wheezing, weakness, rapid heart rate, dizziness etc.

What should you do in case of moderate to severe reaction to hepatitis B vaccine?

In case of any reaction (moderate to severe) to hepatitis B vaccine, call a doctor right away and tell everything in detail about the problem. Also ask a health care professional to fill Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) form and report.


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