What Are The Effective Treatments For Hip Pain?

What Are The Effective Treatments For Hip Pain?

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What Are The Effective Treatments For Hip Pain?

, What Are The Effective Treatments For Hip Pain?There’s always lot of pressure on hip joint as it is constantly subjected to heavy movement every day during all the activities right from sitting, walking, to running, climbing, and more. As the hip joint is the major part that provides stability to the entire body, there will be a lot riding on it. So, there is no big surprise that there are various factors that might cause pain in hip and the surrounding area.

It’s Not an Age-Dependent Problem

Hip pain is a common problem that can happen to people of all age groups and is caused due to factors like swelling in the hip joint, overuse of hip joint, injuries and diseases like tendonitis and arthritis bursitis. When an individual experiences hip pain, it makes joint movement difficult and painful. Hip pain is not generally felt around the hip region. You may feel this pain in the middle of your back or thigh.

If you experience hip pain, you must deal with it immediately. Severity of the hip pain will determine what treatment is required and whether medical assistance is essential or not.

Seek Doctor’s Advise

Before taking any kind of hip pain treatment, you must surely seek a doctor’s suggestion in order to find the basic cause of your hip pain. Only after getting this information, the physician together with you, can work out what treatment is best to be done. Sometimes, physical therapy and gentle exercises are suggested. Taking anti-inflammatory drugs is the most familiar treatment method. Yet, many people try some herbal supplements that will also have the same effect.

In addition to anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the hip pain, there are also some natural methods to relive the pain and lessen swelling at the joint. Here are some of the home remedies that will reduce hip pain.

Heat and Ice Application

Applying heat pads and ice packs are the best effective treatments to reduce hip pain. Heat treatments could be used to loosen and reduce muscular tension in case a chronic condition occurs, while ice treatments are commonly used in a delicate situation to lessen swelling.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is another effective treatment to reduce hip pain. These are very simple methods, but you need a qualified therapist to teach you methods and techniques to treat hip pain at home.


Rest is very crucial to bring down hip pain and it helps reduce severe inflammation. This means you should stay off your leg or hip for at least two to three days when you experience severe pain.

Massage Therapy

Massage can increase blood circulation that carries oxygen and nutrients to your cells. This will also loosen and relieve muscular tension in the hip area. Apply bio-freeze treatment on the muscles around the hip joint; do this daily before going to bed and after waking up.


Stretching your muscles around the pelvic and hip area can help reduce the pain. Adding stretching exercises in your daily routine can help you in recovering faster.

Healthy Food

Consuming healthy food like cold-water fish (such as sardines, rainbow trout, herring, tuna, and salmon), fruits, seeds, vegetables, nuts and beans can help. Pineapple is also good to reduce hip pan as it contains Bromelain, a chemical with high ability to diminish inflammation. Avoid consuming processed foods, fast foods, fried foods, junk foods, red meats, and other hot spices.

So, if you’ve been suffering from hip pain, keep all these considerations in mind.


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