What are the Causes of Tonsil Stones?

What are the Causes of Tonsil Stones?

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What are the Causes of Tonsil Stones?

If you think stones can be formed in kidneys, urinary bladder, ureters, gall bladder or in salivary system only, you are mistaken. Stones can form in other body parts too such as tonsils, where hard and painful stones can form. So, stones can be formed in various anatomical parts of the body, including tonsils. Stones in tonsils are known in medical term as tonsiloliths. Tonsil stones may cause pain and tenderness, bad breath, pain during swallowing etc. Incidence of tonsil stone is not very common.
, What are the Causes of Tonsil Stones?
What are tonsils?

Tonsils are gland like structures, situated at the back of the throat one on either side. Tonsils contain lymphocytes, which are the cells that fight against infection in body and help in prevention of infection. Tonsils may play a role in body’s immune system. However, most medical experts and medical literature claim that tonsils do not and cannot perform their job well and have little if any role in fighting infection and preventing infection. Moreover tonsils are considered as burden by many health experts as they cannot perform their job satisfactorily and also give rise to various medical conditions such as tonsillitis (inflammation/infection of tonsils) and tonsil stones (tonsilolith). If anybody get his/her tonsils removed, there is no evidence that it is harmful or beneficial for the person, because it neither protect from infection, nor its absence lead to increased risk of infection.

The reason for tonsils not able to perform their function satisfactorily may lie in the fact that during time of human evolution, the environment was not like current environment where risk of infection is very high, as we live in crowded place with many people harboring numerous organisms and tonsils cannot perform their job satisfactorily.

What may cause tonsilolith or tonsil stones?

Tonsils have space (nooks and crannies), where various organic materials such as dead cells and mucous as well as bacteria can be trapped. When this debris is trapped in tonsils, it can become hard and calcified to form stone (tonsil stone or tonsilolith). Tonsil stones tend to be more common among individuals who suffer frequent bouts of infection/inflammation of tonsils or tonsillitis or who suffer from chronic tonsillitis. Most commonly tonsil stones are small in size, however sometimes the tonsil stones may be huge in size, although rarely.



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