Types of Hair Loss

Types of Hair Loss

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Types of Hair Loss

Hair loss (alopecia) is a common problem, especially among men (although women and children are not immune to hair loss). Hair loss most commonly affects the scalp; however, it may affect any part of the body as well as the entire body (alopecia universalis). Hair loss may be due to heredity, hormonal changes, and medical conditions or due to use of medications (anticancer drugs or cancer chemotherapy drugs are notorious for their hair loss side effect).

Symptoms or types of hair loss:

Hair loss may appear in various ways in different individuals, which depends on the cause of hair loss. Hair loss may be sudden in appearance or may come gradually. It may be permanent or may be temporary in nature. Or it may be only a small part of your body (e.g. scalp) or it may be in entire body. Various types of hair loss are:

  • Gradual thinning of hair on the scalp: as people age, gradual thinning of hair at the top of head is the most common type of hair loss, for men as well as for women. At the top of head hair loss gradually appears and the bald area slowly increase in size as time goes by.
  • In men as they age, hair loss occurs at two sides of the forehead which gradually goes backward and sides. Women generally retain hair line on forehead, but thinning of hair occurs.
  • Patchy bald spots: many people experience hair loss in small areas of scalp, but can occur in other parts such as beard area or in eye brows. The bald spots are usually circular in shape and size of a coin.
  • Sudden hair loss: this usually occurs due to sudden loosening of hair due to emotional shock, or physical shock/trauma. This type of hair loss usually involves thinning of hair and not baldness in a particular area. Hair loss may occur in the form of excessive hail loss while combing or washing your hair.
  • Hair loss in whole body: this is known as alopecia universalis and there is hair loss in the entire body. This type of hair loss is usually seen after cancer chemotherapy treatment. This type of hair loss usually grows back.

If you have hair loss problem, you may want to seek medical attention. Consult your doctor regarding your hair loss. Your doctor may try to find out the onset of hair loss (sudden or gradual). Generally, sudden hair loss is indicative of underlying medical condition, which needs to be addressed appropriately.

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