Try Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is not an easy task, at least for a great number of smokers. Many of the smokers may have tried several times to quit smoking and failed. If you are one of the smokers, who tried several times to give up smoking and failed, it is time you think about trying to quit smoking differently. Use of electronic smoking or electronic cigarettes is one such option for you. Use of nicotine patches and gum may not give satisfactory results, as they can cause high rate of relapse.

Electronic cigarettes can get you the feeling of smoking, without the ill effects (the ill effects of smoking is known to all) that cigarette smoking can cause. Electronic cigarettes are electronic devices which simulates the act of smoking (you smoke, but without health hazards) and delivers a particular (adjustable) amount of nicotine with every puff. The simulation of cigarette smoking that electronic cigarettes cause can be the potential answer to the millions of smokers, who are addicted to smoking psychologically and need some sort of smoking to maintain normal day to day life.

All smokers know about the health problems (cancer lung & other respiratory problems) smoking causes (I doubt if there is any smoker who does not know the harm smoking cigarette can cause), but unable to give up smoking, because they are so adapted to the lifestyle which include smoking and they can not imagine a life without the satisfactory puff of cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are probably the best answer to these group of smokers, as they are practically continuing smoking with electronic cigarettes. The urge of smoking (nicotine) is satisfied instantaneously with electronic cigarettes and they do not need to smoke actual cigarettes.

The satisfaction of smoking cigarettes can be given by the use of electronic cigarettes only and no other method of quit smoking. As the smoker is getting the taste and feel of a real cigarette, without the harmful effects associated with smoking a real cigarette, quitting smoking of real cigarette become easier. Gradually the amount of nicotine can be reduced and eventually nicotine free cartridges can be used instead of nicotine filled cartridges that were used initially.

NB: The smoker should consult his/her doctor before using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking and it is requested not to follow the contents of this article/blog to the point. This blog is for educational purpose only.

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  • chicago attorney's August 19, 2010 09.02 am

    I wonder if this really works. I found this electric cigarette while I was roaming around a mall once. And it interests me. I want to know more.

  • admin August 19, 2010 12.05 pm

    I do not have direct experience, but the information I gathered, electric cigarettes at least work for some smokers to quit smoking. Also no method is 100% successful.


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