Treatment of Complicated Vaginal Yeast Infection - Healthy One

Treatment of Complicated Vaginal Yeast Infection - Healthy One

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Treatment of Vaginal Yeast Infection

Treatment of Vaginal Yeast Infection

Treatment of vaginal yeast infection depends on the condition of the infection, i.e. it is complicated of uncomplicated.

Treatment of uncomplicated vaginal yeast infection:

Oral antifungal treatment include single dose fluconazole (150 mg) tablet to be taken orally. Sometimes the dose may be repeated once after a week. In most of the cases of uncomplicated vaginal yeast infection, single dose antifungal clears the infection and this is the preferred regimen for treatment of vaginal yeast infection.

Local application of antifungal drugs in the form of suppository (drug delivery system for vaginal application is called suppository), cream, ointment, tablet for local application to vagina for one to three days is also highly effective. Commonly azole antifungal (such as, miconazole, clotrimazole, terconazole etc.) antibiotics are used for local application. Side effects of these local antifungals are very few and mild and include irritation, burning at the site of application (i.e. vagina).

Many antifungals used as local application are available as over the counter medication (OTC). But ideally you should consult your doctor before using any OTC medication for your yeast infection. Your doctor will be able to diagnose the condition correctly and treat it adequately.

Follow up after successful treatment of vaginal yeast infection is also important. Follow up is especially important if your symptoms recur within 2 months of successful treatment of your vaginal yeast infection or persistence of symptoms despite completion of prescribed antifungal course.

Treatment of complicated vaginal yeast infection:

You may have complication if you have symptoms such as

  • Repeated/recurrent vaginal yeast infection (four or more times a year).
  • Uncommon yeast infection, i.e. infection by other than commonly encountered candida albicans.
  • If you develop vaginal yeast infection during pregnancy.
  • If you have uncontrolled diabetes or compromised immune system (e.g. HIV infection of you are under immune suppressant medication for any medical condition).
  • Your symptoms of vaginal yeast infection are very severe, such as swelling, excess itching leading to development of fissures etc.

Treatment of complicated vaginal yeast infection may depend on the type of complication and include multi dose oral antifungal, longer duration vaginal therapy and maintenance therapy.

Multi dose oral antifungals:

Your doctor may prescribe fluconazole (150 mg) tablet once a week for up to four weeks, instead of commonly used single dose regimen. But this regimen can not be used in case of pregnancy.

Longer duration vaginal therapy:

Azole antifungals as suppository, cream, ointment, tablet etc. similar to uncomplicated cases may be used for longer duration, i.e. up to 2 weeks, instead of commonly used 3 day course for uncomplicated vaginal yeast infection.

Maintenance therapy for recurrent vaginal yeast infection:

If you are suffering from recurrent vaginal yeast infection maintenance therapy to prevent recurrent infection (four or more times a year) may be required. Maintenance therapy is usually done by fluconazole (150 mg) tablet once a week for 6 weeks. Some doctors prescribe topical (vaginal) clotrimazole instead of oral fluconazole.


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