Treatment and Prevention of Common Cold in Babies

Treatment and Prevention of Common Cold in Babies

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Treatment and Prevention of Common Cold in Babies

There is no cure for common cold and antibiotics do not work against common cold causing viruses. If your baby is suffering from common cold, you can make your baby comfortable by suctioning the mucus that may block the nose and keep the air of the room, moist. Do not use OTC (over the counter) medications for your baby to treat common cold. Cough and cold medications are not safe in children and should be avoided. If your baby is also suffering from fever, you can use fever reducing (anti pyretic) medications, such as acetamenophene (paracetamol). The dosing schedules and directions of dosing should be properly followed if fever reducing medications are given to a child. Acetamenophene should be avoided in infants below 3 months of age. Another fever reducing medication that can be used in place of acetamenophene is ibuprofen, but this should be used in children above 6 months of age. In presence of dehydration the above mentioned medications should be avoided and given only after correcting dehydration.

How to prevent common cold in babies?

The following steps can be taken to prevent common cold in babies:

  • Keep your baby away from persons who are sick. Also, do not allow any sick person to visit your infant baby. Public gathering and public transport should be avoided to avoid contact with sick persons.
  • It is important to remember that, common sense and plenty of soap water is important for preventing infection. Wash your hand (or anyone taking care of your baby) before touching your baby, with plenty of water and soap.
  • Keep toys of your baby clean and wash or clean them regularly.
  • Do not sneeze or cough inside your baby’s room and if it can not be avoided, sneeze in a tissue.
  • Do not sweep your baby’s room, instead wipe with water and disinfectants. Common cold spreads by droplet from cough or sneeze and these may settle on the floor and get disturbed when room is swept, so avoid sweeping.
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