Treat Heroin Addiction Appropriately

Heroin addiction is one of the common forms of drug addiction. Heroin addiction is present in the whole world. Heroin is diacetyl-morphine, which is a semi-synthetic opioid drug and it is synthesized from morphine, one of the most powerful analgesic (pain reducing drug) available to the medical professional for treatment of pain, from cancer pain (very severe form of pain) to pain of heart attack. Regular (for few days to weeks) administration of heroin causes development of tolerance and physical dependence to the drug (heroin) and heroin is one of the highly addictive drugs available. As it is highly addictive drug the de-addiction treatment of heroin addiction should be appropriately done and followed up after treatment for long duration to prevent re-addiction to the drug, which is common unless follow up is not done, which can be done at Narconon.

De-addiction of heroin addiction (and all other addictive drugs) is an important part of healthcare delivery system in any country and more important in countries where drug addiction is common.

For successful de-addiction (of any type of drug addiction), the most important is a time tested de-addiction program such as Narconon program, which is one of the best drug rehab program available. Drug addicts, after successful treatment at Narconon drug rehab program remain drug free (most of them) for several years as they do not have the urge for the drug.

One of the most important aspect and problem of drug de-addiction is problem of withdrawal syndrome. Withdrawal syndrome may develop after drug is withdrawn from the body and in the case of heroin, the withdrawal syndrome develop 6-24 hours after drug is withdrawn from the body (in other words drug administration is stopped). A successful drug rehab program identifies the withdrawal syndrome and manages it successfully, and cause no problem to the addict. Narconon drug rehab program is designed for successful treatment of withdrawal syndrome and drug addiction, which helps the drug addicts achieve the goal of life without drugs.

Heroin is a common drug of addiction. Heroin is synthesized from morphine (a highly effective pain medication used in severe pain situations) and it is diacetylmorphine. Morphine is derived from opium or poppy plant. Arguably most (approximately 90%) of morphine and heroin is produced and supplied from Afghanistan. Morphine and heroin are addictive drugs and it is illegal to manufacture, sell or possess morphine and heroin (diacetylmorphine) without a license in most countries including India and United States.

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