Treat Cravings for smoking with Herbs

Smoking is one of the commonest form of addiction and is due to the addiction to nicotine which is the major ingredient of cigarettes made of tobacco. Craving is common, in fact inevitable during de-addiction treatment of a substance of addiction, including smoking or nicotine addiction. If you are a smoker and decided to quit smoking, which require strong determination, you should be aware of the side effects of nicotine de-addiction and you have several options open to you to manage the cravings of quit smoking including herbal management of nicotine cravings.

If are a chronic smoker, you should be aware that addiction to nicotine causes physical dependency too, along with psychological dependency. Due to physical and psychological dependency, the quitting smoking becomes tough, really very tough for most of the chronic smokers. Nicotine addiction causes increase concentration of dopamine, a neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) in brain which makes the brain to demand more nicotine, hence withdrawal of nicotine after chronic use can result in closing of neural pleasure pathway. That is the reason depression and anxiety are common if you try to quit nicotine abruptly, as is the case in addictive drug use such as cocaine and opium.

You can try using traditional herbal medicine treatment of the modern problem of nicotine addiction. Ayurvedic herbal medicines can help solving the problem of nicotine withdrawal syndrome which can cause craving for more nicotine. Traditional Ayurvedic medications which are in use for centuries for opium withdrawal can be effectively used for nicotine withdrawal too. A tried and effective herbal formula for nicotine withdrawal for 20 ml tincture (tincture is an alcoholic extract of herbs) contain, 6 ml green oats (not oat straw), 4 ml mullein, 4 ml white horehound, 4 ml peppermint and 2 ml golden seal.

The main ingredient of the above herbalĀ  tincture preparation is green oats and it is supposed to act due to sedative property of oats. In the herbal medicine text books oats is supposed to create feeling of well being (sort of euphoria) and it is supposed to act by improving mood. But the ingredients in oat does not cause habit formation unlike other habit forming drugs.

The dose of the herbal tincture preparation is 6 drops (20 drops equal 1 ml) of the preparation to be taken when there is craving for nicotine (cigarette). Try the herbal way of quitting smoking, which can reduce craving and help you to quit smoking and also can help you remain smoke free longer and possibly quit smoking permanently.


The information provided in this article is not well tried and well established. If anybody want to use the technique for quitting smoking, it is advised to learn more from your physician.

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