Top Signs You May Be Dealing With Alcohol Addiction

One of the toughest things about alcohol addiction is that affected individuals never face up to reality until it is too late. If you find yourself always finding justification for your alcohol use or finding perfect reasons why no one should regard you as an alcoholic, it may be time for you to check into rehab! Here are common signs that you are dealing with alcohol addiction.

Denying your drinking habit

Most problem drinkers are guilty of denial. They either lie about how much they drink or drink in secret.  Denial is dangerous because no one else can spot it apart from the individual that is affected.addiction

Using alcohol to ease stress or improve mood

Most people with addiction problems do so for emotional reasons and alcohol is no different.  However, using alcohol to tackle depression, stress, anxiety or similar mental issues is a dangerous habit. The reprieve, if any, is bound to be temporary and you will end up making things worse in the long run.

Regular pass outs

Do you drink to the point where you can no longer recollect what happened after? Does it happen fairly frequently? This is a major sign of an alcohol problem. When you notice this, ask yourself why you are drinking so excessively. What is the pleasure in drinking till you pass out?

Inability to rein yourself in

Do you become restless when there is an open bottle of wine? Do you keep returning to the fridge as long as there is beer in there? If you are no longer able to control your alcohol cravings, you have a major problem.

Ignoring your responsibilities

You know that alcohol has gone past the stage of recreational use for you, when it severely hampers your day-to-day functioning. So when you start getting complaints at work, school or within your household due to your drinking habit, it is time to seek help.

You have severe hangovers

One of the first things alcoholics learn in top rehab centers like is the fact that “hangover” is just a cool name for withdrawal.   The general feeling of malaise, nausea and persistent sweating is not normal.  If it keeps getting worse, you should get help as fast as you can.

You keep finding excuses

If you have to engage in rationalisations, you are basically lying to yourself to make yourself feel better about your actions. This may not be true in other spheres of life but in the alcoholism discussion, it most certainly is true. As you progress in your problem with alcohol, the rationalisations don’t even have to make sense anymore. You just make up something new on the fly.

Change in your physical appearance

As you sink deeper into the alcohol problem, you will find your physical appearance taking a negative turn. Some people can drink without seeing any real physical effects but there are chances that if you are a heavy drinker, your body will show tell-tale signs. The most common signs are increase in weight and skin discolouration. These are just physical signs. There are many internal damages but you wouldn’t notice them until you fall ill, right?

You are always correcting alcohol induced bloopers

How many times have you woken up to find out that you slept on someone’s porch, lost your wallet and mobile phone, crashed into your neighbours fencing, fought with everyone, eased yourself in the kitchen and other similar “terrible things” you’d never do when sober? If that describes your situation, you should seriously consider getting help before something drastic happens!

Telling yourself the truth about your alcohol problem is difficult but if you are guilty of all or some of these signs mentioned, it is time to get help and set things right.

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