Top Health Benefits of Vaping Over Traditional Cigarettes

The phenomenon that is vaping has definitely reached you in some form or another by now. Even if you don’t vape yourself and you don’t even have friends that do, you have surely heard about it. In theory, vaping sounds great because it’s giving people addicted to nicotine an alternative to smoking. It’s considered healthier because there’s no nicotine in it and that is what makes it pretty popular these days.

From a small following, vaping has turned into a worldwide industry and there are many vendors like Smokea that can provide afferent services. But is vaping really healthier than smoking or is it just a different, prettier packaged poison? That’s what we’re here to get to the bottom of. Reports show that vaping has a lot of benefits in terms of the health perks it offers. Not necessarily things that add on top of normal health but simply not detracting from it like normal cigarettes do. Here are some of the positive effects that you can expect from vaping. Keep in mind that this isn’t exact science but merely going by the recordings and evidence provided by smokers turned to vapers. The effects might differ slightly or drastically between individuals.

Benefits of vaping as evidenced by smokers turned vapers

  • People that have turned to vaping claim they don’t feel nauseous in the afternoon anymore
  • People say that once they gave up cigarettes for vaping, they haven’t been coughing extensively in the morning
  • Switching to vaping makes people a lot less irritable
  • People claim that their reaction times have improved since they gave up normal cigs
  • Those that have started vaping instead of smoking cigarettes claim they have a lot more adrenaline to spend
  • Smoking makes wounds like cuts and abrasions heal in a much more accelerated rate
  • Smokers sometimes wake up during the night being out of breath but people that have switched to vaping claim that’s no longer the case
  • Smokers are known for their anti-social behavior when they don’t get their fix, and vaping seems to have fixed that
  • Vaping is considered overall cheaper than smoking and people that switched claim their accounts have had a lot to benefit from since
  • Vaping doesn’t produce an unwanted smell, rather the opposite, meaning that those who have turned to vaping no longer have all their clothes and possessions smelling like cigarettes
  • Vapers claim that they have been able to taste things better since they’ve given up cigarettes
  • Resting heart rates seem to be lower by 20% for vapers in comparison to smokers
  • Vaping doesn’t cause indigestions in the same way cigarettes can produce
  • People who have turned to vaping also say that they have clear sinuses again
  • One of the most important probably, vapers claim that they have a more positive outtake on life since they’re no longer on cigarettes


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