Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Diet for Better Health

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Diet for Better Health

We know by now that we need to eat the right foods, need to work out, and do stuff that is healthy for us. Because maintaining good health does not happen by accident, it requires work and smart lifestyle choices. But sometimes when we wake up at 6 am to hit the gym before work or shunning the donuts in breakfast, it’s easy to lose sight of for what are we doing all these. So here are some top articles choices that can keep you motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep diseases at bay.

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Diet for Better Health

There are different kinds of diet. However, you don’t know which is right for you. These different kinds of diet deal specifically on the nutritional needs of a person. Some of these kinds are bland diet, liquid diet, soft diet, reducing diet, high-calorie diet, Paleo diet, and more.

A balanced diet is a food preparation that aims to provide complete nutrients in proper proportion to a person’s body. This is where all the other kinds of diet were based from.

A healthy diet is beneficial not only to your general health but an unbalanced diet can also be detrimental to your teeth for example by causing damage to the enamel (source:

Here are the following ways to easily implement the healthy balanced diet in your lifestyle., Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Diet for Better Health

Eat 3 times a day

Eat a heavy breakfast, a moderate lunch, and a light supper, and establish this as your regular eating habit. Allow a 5-hour interval on each meal and supper must be taken three hours before sleeping. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t take it for granted. If you’re too busy to eat 3 times a day, eat for a least twice a day. Just eat heavy and healthy food on each meal.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Instead of eating rich and sweet dessert after a meal, you might want to eat fresh fruits instead. It is advisable to stock slices of fruits in your refrigerator, and eat them when you’re craving for sweets and unhealthy food. Some experts advise eating fruits as a snack.

It is recommended to eat a one serving of dark, green, leafy vegetable every day.

Drink 1.5L to 2L of Water per Day

There’s an old saying that humans have to drink eight to nine glasses of water per day. However, this is an inaccurate saying since glasses vary on measurements. That’s why it is just safe to recommend 1.5L to 2L of water per day.

Water is important. Water can help in proper body metabolism and it can moisturize your skin.

Refer to the Food Pyramid as a Guide

According to the food pyramid, a person’s diet should consist mostly of foods rich in carbohydrates like rice, cereals, and bread. Eat fruits and vegetables generously. Eat protein-rich foods like meat and beans moderately, and eat foods rich in fats and spices sparingly.

Drink Water in Between Meals

It is recommended to drink water at least 30 minutes before meal and at least one and a half hour after each meal to allow proper digestion. If you drink a lot of water during a meal, digestive enzymes and juices will become diluted. As a result, digestion will become less efficient. That’s why if you need to drink during a mealtime, do it by sipping instead of gulping.

However, the first thing that you might want to do is ask a doctor or a nutritionist. Experts know which kind of diet will suit your nutritional needs. For example, if you have hypertension, your nutritionist may suggest a low-salt diet or a reducing diet. If you’re constipated, your nutritionist may advise you to take the high-fiber diet. If you’re a healthy person who just wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a healthy balanced diet is right for you.


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