Top 5 Must-Do Body Exercises You Can’t Ignore

Exercise is a great way to burn excess fat, gain muscle, stay fit, and sculpt a great beach body. And nowadays, there are a lot of forms of exercise you can choose from. For the busy moms and on the go professionals out there, some high-intensity interval training can be squeezed in as little as 10 to 15 minutes!
For some nature lover, jogging around the park or the beach is a great leisurely way to exercise. For some athletic people, a sport or mixed martial arts is a way to go. Some others prefer weight lifting or yoga as their exercise. For a few, a simple morning or afternoon walk is good enough.

For some nature lover, jogging around the park or the beach is a great leisurely way to exercise. For some athletic people, a sport or mixed martial arts is a way to go. Some others prefer weight lifting or yoga as their exercise. Some others prefer to practice at home, and some others prefer the outdoor, and best rowing machine reviews is a great option. For a few, a simple morning or afternoon walk is good enough.

5 Best Body Exercises

Whatever our reason is for training and working out, we all want to make the most of the activity we do. We all want to be able to stay fit, get strong, eat right, and at the end of the day, become healthier. But aside from your routine exercise, here are the top 5 must-do body exercises you can’t ignore to reach your goals!

Bigger and Stronger Legs with Squats

Squat is a compound exercise involving most the muscles of the lower body. It is one of the most advised exercises but often neglected because it’s a boring exercise. But when you get to understand the benefits you get by doing it, you might get inspired to do so yourself!ex-1


Doing squats can give you stronger and bigger leg muscles. Yes, the muscles we use to walk and run. You won’t get strained easily from standing for a long time. You get to have better balance as well. You will be able to climb many flights of stairs without breaking a sweat.It can even help you with your posture!

It is a simple exercise. You can do it with or without weights. Stacking on some weights and gradually increasing it can bring out the most benefit to this exercise. Just be sure to protect your spine while doing this. Put on a weight lifting belt to help you with your squats.

Pull Ups and Chins For Defined Shoulders and Stronger Grip

Pull-ups and chins are a great exercise. But again, they are most often ignored. For one, they are classified as a difficult exercise. Yes, they are difficult, even professional weight lifters don’t find these as easy as curls. It is a complete exercise for your upper body and core. This is not a guy exclusive work out. For all the ladies out there, hang yourself and pull yourself up on that pull up bars.ex-2


Doing a pull up or a chin engages most of the muscles on your upper body. Including the neck muscles, the traps, the shoulders, the arms, the forearms. Even the chest muscles and the abdominal muscles are engaged to make a pull up. Plus, the fine muscles of the hands to strengthen your grip.

And by the way, this may be the best exercise to get bigger biceps.

Pro Tip: Strap on some hip weights and do 5 sets of 5 reps every other day. Gradually increase your weights and see how much your arms and upper body transform with this simple exercise.

Crunches for Better Balance and Stability

This is another exercise that you may not willingly do so religiously. But hey, these are the great benefits you get in doing so.ex-3


You can endure long periods of standing without causing a strain in your back. Yes, strong abdominal muscles greatly help your posture too! You also get to have better balance, so you won’t easily get tripped. Combine this with squats, and you will never get your face in the ground. Lastly, a few hundred crunches religiously can help you get a firm washboard abs.

Sprints For More Endurance

A lot of people have engaged to running a their most preferred form of exercise. Simply because there are no bothersome requirements to do this. Slip on your running shoes and you are good to go. A regular 5k run can help you manage your weight best and get stronger and fit.ex-4


Adding a few hundred meters of sprint at the end of your running session will help you get better at running. The quick burst will also burn more calories. You will notice that you are getting more relaxed with your 5k run a few weeks after doing this.

You can even take this to the next level. Spice up one running session per week with short burst intervals. Alternate a few hundred meters of sprint and walk. This will cut your regular running sessions to around 10 to 15 minutes but still get the work out you need.

On a side note, runners don’t easily catch flu.

Cardio Swimming

Swimming can be twice harder than running, and not all of us are comfortable in water. Not all of us have great endurance to swim laps on the pool. Swimming is regarded as one of the best exercise of all time. This work out engages all the muscles in the body.ex-5


Swimming gives you a great cardio work out to strengthen your heart. This whole-body exercise tones your overall physique. This is another leisurely way to get a great work out. It’s fun, and it makes you health. Having fun while getting a great work out is all worthwhile.

Aside from being a great exercise, immersing yourself on water also gives you a relaxing feeling. This makes your time even more worth spending.


Last Words

There are a lot of ways to get a good work out. Choosing to do the exercises listed above can yield you great results if done properly and consistently.

But also, keep in mind that eating the right type of food and discipline is an integral part to maintain your optimal state of health.

Combine these exercises with wise choice of food and stick to your regimen religiously. Exercise, healthy diet, and discipline can help promote a better life.


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