Tips to Save on Health Insurance Premiums

Tips to Save on Health Insurance Premiums

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Tips to Save on Health Insurance Premiums

, Tips to Save on Health Insurance PremiumsPresent time is time of failing economy and there are lots of changes taking place in the healthcare system in the United States. Although it the economy is weak, one can not ignore or neglect the healthcare and coverage you need with health insurance plan. If you want to save on health insurance plan as well as remain fully covered, it is possible with little search and research on the subject of health insurance. There are several ways to reduce the cost of health insurance you need and also remain fully covered.

If you are below twenty six years of age:

If you are young aged below twenty six, you can get health insurance cover from your parent’s insurance policy, although it may cost some amount of money to your parents, but it will cost less than buying health insurance separately for yourself. It is good idea to save money by getting health insurance cover from your parents, because young individuals are usually healthy and does not need extra cover, unless you are involved in risky profession or hobby, such as motor sports, paragliding etc.

Contact Medicaid and Medicare:

It is a good idea to consult Medicaid and Medicare, especially if you are early retiree (you may get some valuable and surprising answers if you contact/consult Medicaid and Medicare), you can buy health insurance cover up to your Medicare payments. This will help you save some money.

Search the right health insurance provider:

Generally most health insurance companies charge extra for preexisting disease. But some insurers may not charge or may charge less compare to others. Find out insurers who do not charge extra for preexisting medical conditions. It is worth your time to find out companies which do not charge extra or charge less for preexisting medical conditions. Compare as many health insurance companies as possible before deciding on which plan to buy.

Raise medical deductibles:

Buy raising medical deductible it is possible to reduce health insurance premium in the long run, although most individuals are apprehensive about raising medical deductibles for fear of financial loss in the future. If you have minimum of US$1150 deductible in place, a tax-deductible contribution of up to US$3000 is allowed and entered into your health savings account, which saves you money because in future you can spent from health savings account for medical expenses tax free.

The above tips are some of the saving tips on health insurance premium. There are also several more different ways to reduce and save on your health insurance premium.

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