Tips to Lose Weight Post Pregnancy

Motherhood is perhaps the best feeling for a woman despite the excruciating pain and discomfort she has to go through during the entire journey. The journey comes with a lot of changes where one unwelcome change is the layers of fat any woman gains.

Post pregnancy, women gain around 10-15 kgs of weight because of unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. Both these factors are important to lose the baby fat and stay fit. In fact, many celebrities have also been through the similar struggle and have managed to shed the extra layers of fat. Shakira, Victoria Beckham, Isla Fisher and many others give us some serious weight loss goals post pregnancy.

Here are some tips which will help you come back to shape and flaunt your svelte self again:

  • Practice yoga: You carry the baby for nine months and then you have to bear all the pain and discomfort of delivery. All this puts a lot of pressure on the body in the form of pain and tests your mental strength as well. Practice yoga to speed up the recovery process and alleviate the pain. The process is quite gradual and slow but is quite effective in losing weight. Apart from reducing the weight, the yoga poses are also helpful in relieving the back pain and toning the muscles. Begin with gentle poses that exercise your hip, buttock and core muscles.
  • Join zumba classes: If yoga isn’t your cup of tea, zumba classes can help you lose that pooch. The high-energy dance workout can be a lot of fun since it is a total-body workout and exercises your core. You don’t have to jump into it, it’s important to take it slow. Only when your body has recovered from the pressure it is important to start such workouts and the key is to be consistent. Begin with lower-impact workouts for one and a half to two months and strengthen your core meanwhile.
  • Go for running: Running is yet another exercise that can work wonders for you. Since it could be quite strenuous for your body as it has already undergone a lot of changes such as looser ligaments, flattening of the feet and effect on the lower spine; there has to be some gap between the pregnancy and resuming running. Once you resume running, start with smaller strides and make sure that you are taking enough breaks between the runs. Since muscles tend to get strained because of running, make sure that you take a gap to firm them up.
  • Head back to the gym: Hitting the gym post pregnancy could be quite overwhelming. Your abs have been inactive for a while, the ligaments are loose and the joints are unstable. This requires quite a lot of dedication and motivation once you decide to take this route. Hire a personal trainer to ensure that you are one the right track and you are not practicing something that is instead putting pressure on you. Perform kegels and planks to work your pelvic and core.

Before you start following any of the above tips, it is important to seek the doctor’s approval. In case you have had a Cesarean section, you will have to space the delivery and any weight loss program for six weeks. Try to work more on the flexibility and gradually move towards weight training as you will be more flexible and stronger. You need not necessarily follow one type of technique; a combination of different techniques can speed your recovery and weight loss. It could be a combination of kickboxing and yoga; or anything that you are fond of.

Other than exercising, you need to watch your calories as well. Consume a balanced diet and load up on super foods such as salmon, sardines, and tuna which are rich in omega-3 fatty acid; milk and yogurt for calcium and lean meat, chicken, and beans for protein and fiber.

Breast-feeding is a very natural way of burning calories as well. The scientific reason for this is that the body consumes extra energy to make milk and about 500 extra calories a day are burnt in the process. Although the breast-feeding women have to consume about 330 calories a day but the difference of 170-200 calories results in weight loss. So the importance of this cannot be ruled out.

Now that you begin to take care of the baby fat, you can set a great example for other women of a super cool mom who takes care of herself and the kid. When you aren’t exercising or involved in other weight loss activities, take extra care to pamper your kid with toys and all the good things that your baby deserves. Mothercare brings you some exclusive items for your kid and are reasonably priced. Using these vouchers or codes can help you save a few bucks. So eat, exercise and pamper.


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