Tips To Avoid Pet Allergens

Tips To Avoid Pet Allergens

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Tips To Avoid Pet Allergens

Houses with pets, such as dogs and can contain very high concentration of pet allergen, in the indoor environment. Pet allergens are also transferable through cloths, which is the reason, pet allergens are found in houses without pet on their own or in a neighboring house, as well as in public places such as in public transport vehicles. If you are an asthmatic person or have atopy, you should try to avoid pet allergens. It is the best to get rid of the pet permanently, but you may be attached to your pet, hence it may not be possible to get rid of your pet permanently. So, you need to consider various ways to reduce exposure to pet allergen., Tips To Avoid Pet Allergens

Even after getting rid of your pet permanently, the allergen reservoir present in your home may take several months to come to normal. Hence, you should not expect immediate clinical benefit from asthma or atopic problems. It may take 6 months to one year before significant and noticeable improvement of symptoms occur and you get full benefit of getting rid of your pet.

There are various ways to reduce pet allergen, if you have a pet at home:

  • Preferably keep the pet outdoor. Buy a good quality kennel (home for your pet, if not a dog) and keep the pet there, at least at night time.
  • Keep your pet out of bound from your bedroom. Never allow the pet to enter your bedroom.
  • If you allow your pet inside your house, make sure the room it is allowed to enter have very good ventilation, such as kitchen.
  • Remember the concentration of pet allergen is significantly higher when your pet is actually inside your house, then when the pet is not around. This is a good reason why you should keep your pet outside or get rid of the pet permanently.
  • Preferably remove carpet, because the concentration of pet allergen can be as high as 100 times that of a tiled/polished floor. If you keep carpet, make sure to clean it with good quality vacuum cleaner regularly or clean with high filtration cleaner.
  • Wash your pet clean regularly, at least once or twice a week.
  • Some experts advise to change a male pet for female one or castrate the male pets, especially cats.

Some of the above mentioned methods of getting rid of pet allergens are clinically proven conclusively. However, there is no harm in using the tips to avoid pet allergens and get symptomatic relief from asthma and atopy.


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