Tips from Kylan Schilling on Workout Motivation

Let’s face it, having the good intentions to exercise is one thing, actually sustaining the motivation to consistently exercise over the long-term, over the course of months, is something completely different.

The burn-out tale is all too familiar and common. We’ve finally motivated ourselves to go the gym. Our good intentions are just as strong as our belief that our new exercise routine will be beneficial and a lasting part of our daily life.

Filled with ambition and promise, we set about fulfilling our new workout goals.ID-100233409

The ambition, the determination to exercise regularly may last a week, maybe two weeks. Unfortunately, soon enough, we lose sight of the goals we had. All too soon our workout regimen falls to the wayside and we are back to where we started – commute to work, commute home, commute to work, rinse and repeat. No more exercise.

Now plenty of websites offer recommendations on how we can sustain the motivation to exercise over the long haul. Go here and here to get a taste for what’s out there.

Many of these articles offer very good points. Set realistic goals for yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself when first starting out. Try to make exercise as fun as possible. These are all great points and things that we should keep in mind when we are first beginning a personal exercise program.

Those who’ve been successful in continuing an exercise program over the long-term can also be extremely helpful in providing guidance to newbies.

Years ago, Kylan Schilling, a Canadian and resident of Oshawa, Ontario, was anxious to begin his own exercise program. However, he was also wondering, like many of us, how he was going to keep himself motivated and how he was going to make a consistent habit of exercising.

As Kylan describes, his situation was a little different than others. Having been involved in a serious automobile accident as a child, now as an adult Kylan Schilling faced chronic back pain, the kind of back pain that can deteriorate one’s quality of life.

For Kylan, exercising and specifically targeting his back was a real way to increase the strength of his back muscles and thereby reduce his chronic back pain.

The question was, could he maintain a consistent workout schedule?

“It certainly wasn’t easy at first. Not only was I very sore when I first started working out, it also took time to build exercising into my life – to make it a habit that I couldn’t break,” Kylan Schilling explains.

“Some words of advice: try to find an exercise partner. Set easy goals for yourself when just starting out. And last but not least, create a track list of your favorite songs you can workout too. That last tip really helped me.” Kylan Schilling then adds, “Personally, I’m so happy I continue to exercise to this day. It’s helped my health incredibly.”

So, what happens if your motivation does lose steam and you find yourself once more miles away from the gym for weeks on end?

The answer is very simple. There’s always another day, a day that presents a new opportunity for you to get back on that wagon and go to the gym. And when you do return to the gym, test out other ways to motivate yourself until you find one that truly works.


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