Three Important Questions About Vaccines

Three Important Questions About Vaccines

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Three Important Questions About Vaccines

History of vaccines and immunization is long and the ride bumpy, with some vaccines facing lots of trouble, before being accepted. Some vaccines were never accepted. Vaccines are generally accepted as life savers. However, these days many people view many vaccines with suspicion. Perhaps there will never be unanimous agreement on the beneficial aspect of vaccines. What need to be understood regarding vaccines, is the risk benefit aspect of vaccines, scientifically with data and studies. Unfortunately, there seem to be no consensus on this matter., Three Important Questions About Vaccines

Some reasons of viewing vaccines with suspicion include, side effects of vaccines (including reports, mostly unconfirmed, of even death after vaccination), some vaccines are meant for girls only, many people think that doctors make and various such type of reasons.

Side effects of vaccines:

Vaccines can be regarded as drugs and drugs have side effects. There is no drug available at present which is totally free from side effects. Hence, it is only natural that vaccines will have some side effects. Side effects of vaccines are mostly mild in nature such as fever, pain at injection site, allergic reactions (because many vaccines contain foreign protein), which can easily be treated/handles. Sometimes, vaccines though have some moderate to severe side effects, e.g. DaTP vaccines have side effect of seizure in 1 in 14,000 vaccine administrations and 1 in 3000 with MMR vaccines. This can also be managed well without any complication.

Doctors make money out of vaccines:

This is probably one of the main reason of viewing vaccines with suspicion. Many people think doctors make lots of money by administering vaccines. And many people also believe (usually false belief) that doctors’ advice vaccines unnecessarily, so that they can make easy money. Doctors make very little money out of vaccines and on the contrary, they may be losing money from vaccines. Vaccine administration is labor intensive and need good amount to be invested. Today, vaccines account for little above 1% of total revenue for pharmaceutical industry, which explain that doctors do not make much money out of vaccine administration. In fact it should be considered blessing that many doctors/hospitals still supply vaccines through their clinics.

Some vaccines are meant for girls only:

Many people think that some vaccines such as HPV (human papilloma virus, which causes genital warts and responsible for cervical cancer in females) vaccine is meant for girls only (commonly given to females of 9 years to 26 years of age). Boys can also get genital warts and spread the disease through close (sexual) contact. According to CDC, HPV vaccine can be given to boys (age 9 years to 26 years) too.

What is important regarding vaccines is to understand scientific basis of risk benefit associated with vaccines. The fact about vaccine is that, the benefit far outweighs the risk involved with vaccine administration and all of us should understand it clearly, for benefit of humankind.

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