Three Home Remedies For Common Cold

Three Home Remedies For Common Cold

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Three Home Remedies For Common Cold

Common cold affects individuals of all ages (new-born babies to very elderly individuals) and in all seasons (not only during winter months). Nobody is immune to common cold. However, common cold is not a serious ailment (although it is a troublesome ailment) and there are effective and easily available home remedies for common cold.

Garlic for common cold remedy:

Garlic is rich in antioxidants. Garlic is used for various ailment including cold and enhancement of stamina. Romans used garlic in battlefield to improve their stamina and healing power. If you have cold or flu, take 4-5 cloves of garlic and lightly crush them and take it for relief of cold. You can also make paste of 4-5 cloves of garlic, a tomato and a lemon and make a drink or soup and consume it. This can be good antiviral and antibacterial drink.

Turmeric for common cold remedy:

Turmeric has various medicinal ingredients, including curcumin and volatile oils. In India, turmeric is used commonly as antiseptic for minor cuts and wounds. Curcumin and volatile oils of turmeric have anti cold and anti-cough properties. Take adequate quantity of turmeric (dry powder, which is used as coloring and flavoring agent in most Indian cuisines) along with a glass of hot milk, whenever you feel the typical sensation in throat, which indicate beginning of cough/cold. You can also use honey along with turmeric for cough and cold.

Herbal tea for common cold remedy:

Herbal tea is frequently used for common cold remedy. Herbal tea containing pepper, ginger, tulsi and cinnamon are excellent remedy for common cold. Take five pods of cardamom, five black pepper (whole corn of black pepper, not black pepper powder), five cloves, a piece of cinnamon, few slices of fresh ginger and bring the ingredients to boil and boil them for 10-15 minutes in low flame. Strain the tea, mix with a little honey, drink it hot for common cold, and cough remedy. This preparation is good for productive cough also and helps in expelling the sputum.

If you suffer from common cold (and most of us suffer every year), you can try OTC (over-the-counter) medications available for cold. OTC medications are also highly effective. Although the medications are available over the counter without a prescription, sometimes they have troublesome side effects, such as OTC nasal decongestant drops and sprays may aggravate high blood pressure (hypertension), if taken by patients with high blood pressure.


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