Three Common Myths And Facts About Electrolysis For Hair Removal

Three Common Myths And Facts About Electrolysis For Hair Removal

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Three Common Myths And Facts About Electrolysis For Hair Removal

Every procedure or treatment modality has myths due to misunderstanding and wrong ideas about the procedure. Electrolysis also has various untrue myths. One should guard against such myths. Because, myths usually make a person take a wrong decision., Three Common Myths And Facts About Electrolysis For Hair Removal

Myth one: Electrolysis for removal of unwanted hair is painful.

Fact: There may be uncomfortable feeling during the procedure, but it is certainly not painful. Even the discomfort felt is not unbearable and in fact it is just mild discomfort. Modern electrolysis devices have reduce the uncomfortable feeling further, as many modern devices use heat or chemical on the hair follicles for removing hairs instead of electric current. If the discomfort is more, topical anesthetic can be used to reduce the discomfort. Hence, the myth that electrolysis for hair removal is painful is totally wrong.

Myth two: Temporary hair removal methods are better.

Fact: It certainly depends on the user to decide what is best for him/her. But to say temporary methods are better is certainly wrong. There are many advantages of electrolysis over other methods of hair removal, such as the result is usually permanent hair removal and hair free skin. Although, ultimately the user decides which method is bet for her/him. One should learn about other methods of hair removal too, to know which is best for her/him. For example, creams or liquids used for hair removal have various chemicals that may have potentially serious side effects (such as severe allergy or anaphylactic reaction), waxing can be painful and results are temporary and need specific length of hairs for effectiveness (during these time the user has to bear with the hairs), laser hair removal cannot be done in the areas near the eye, such as eyebrows or eyelashes. Shaving is most commonly used temporary hair removal method, but it has various disadvantages. Hence, if you want a permanent hair free skin, it is better to select electrolysis. Make sure to select an expert electrologist for your electrolysis.

Myth three: Electrolysis is not the only permanent hair removal method, tweezers method is also permanent

Fact: Whatever anyone may claim, USFDA recognizes electrolysis as the only permanent hair removal method/procedure. In fact, many States in US forbid advertisement of hair removal methods as permanent other than electrolysis. So, tweezers method cannot be claimed to be a permanent hair removal procedure. Hope, this make things clear about permanent hair removal method is only electrolysis.

Electrolysis is a pain-free and permanent method of hair removal. So, use electrolysis for removing unwanted hairs in your skin and enjoy a permanent result with practically no or very minimal side effects.

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