Things To Know About Birth Control Patch

Things To Know About Birth Control Patch

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Things To Know About Birth Control Patch

Before you decide to use birth control patch you should have clear idea about what to expect and what side effects may occur as well as what precautions you need to take. Before you start using birth control patch, make sure to get general health checkup done by your doctor who will prescribe the birth control patch for you.

  • Your doctor will give you clear instruction when to start using the birth control patch. You can start on the first day of your cycle and use three consecutive patches of one week duration (you need to wear a patch for one week and then replace it for a new one for another week) for three weeks and skip using a patch on the fourth week to allow normal menstrual cycle to take place. If you start the birth control patch on the first day of your cycle, you need not to use back up method of contraception for the first month.
  • Select a place to use the birth control patch over your skin (buttocks, upper outer arm, lower abdomen or upper body) that is dry and clean and where there is no friction in skin. If there is irritation or similar other problem, you should remove the patch and apply a new one for the remaining days of the week. Avoid placing the patch over areas where it will be rubbed. Avoid using makeup, lotion, cream, powder etc. in the area of the birth control patch.
  • Learn from your healthcare provider how to open the patch and how to apply it properly. Place the patch to its position and keep it pressed for about 10 seconds and make it smooth and make sure the edges are properly pasted. You need not remove the patch while bathing, swimming, exercise or any other activity. Keep it for one week and replace it with another one for another week.
  • Apply one patch for one week for three consecutive weeks (3 patches) on the same day of week and avoid using a patch in fourth week to allow normal cycle to take place. Do not apply the patch in the same site for two consecutive weeks. However you can use a patch on same site after giving a gap of one week, if there is no abnormal reaction such as irritation or any cut injury.
  • Once your patch is placed, it is your duty to check the patch regularly to find if it is still properly attached to skin. If the patch is partly or completely detached from skin and it cannot be reattached, replace it with a new one. Do not keep a patch if it cannot be totally attached to skin, as it may not work properly. Do not use other adhesive to keep the patch attached to skin. If your patch is detached (partially or completely) for more than 24 hours, use alternative contraceptive method and start afresh in next cycle.
  • If you delay in applying the second or third patch by more than 24 hours after keeping the previous patch for one week, you should use alternative contraceptive method.
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