These May be Signs of Alcoholism

Alcohol consumption and alcohol addiction (alcoholism) is very common. Many people try to bury their sorrow in alcohol. However, alcohol is unique in one way, people drink when they are happy (to celebrate) and people also drink when they are sad and full of sorrow. No other thing or substance has this unique distinction of be used in happiness and in sadness.

When you cannot live without drinking alcohol, you can safely assume that you are an alcoholic. However, to know if you or someone is alcoholic, especially at early stage of alcoholism, you need to know some important facts about alcoholism, which will help you to recognize alcoholism early.

In the United States alone, more than 17 million people suffer from alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction or alcohol dependence. Unfortunately many of these alcoholics are not aware that they are alcohol addicts/abuser, which makes the situation worse. There are five major signs of alcohol addiction/abuse, which can easily help to identify alcoholics. They are:

  • One becomes highly tolerant to alcohol, i.e. the person can drink large quantity of alcohol (increasingly higher amount) without showing obvious signs and symptoms of drinking. This person can drink much larger quantity of alcohol than others and still do not show much signs of drinking.
  • Another very important sign of alcoholism (alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction or alcohol dependence) is presence of withdrawal symptoms of alcohol when the person is not drinking. That means, when the person is off drink for a few days, he/she shows withdrawal symptoms of alcohol. Common withdrawal symptoms of alcohol include anxiety, insomnia, trembling (especially of hands and digits), sweating, nausea and/or vomiting, irritability, depression, fatigue, headaches and loss of appetite. The alcohol withdrawal symptoms may be potentially life-threatening in some people and may include withdrawal seizures etc.

  • Alcohol addicts/abusers continue to drink despite having trouble in workplace, at home with family members, as well as having serious health problems. They are aware of negative consequences of excessive drinking, but cannot quit drinking or cannot reduce alcohol consumption.
  • People addicted to alcohol tend to spend lesser and lesser time in the activities that they used to like, due to giving much more time for drinking, rather than engaging in hobbies and other important activities.
  • Another important sign of alcoholism or alcohol abuse/addiction is that the person cannot quit drinking even if he/she wants to quit. The alcoholics are not even able to reduce consumption of alcohol, but the alcohol consumption keep on increasing, despite willingness to reduce/quit alcohol.

The above five major signs of alcoholism can help identify the alcoholics and can be helped to quit alcohol addiction in de-addiction centers.

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