These Common Symptoms May be Symptoms of Cancer

These Common Symptoms May be Symptoms of Cancer

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These Common Symptoms May be Symptoms of Cancer

For cancer, prevention is the best way to manage the dreaded disease effectively. For preventing cancer it is utmost important to diagnose the disease before it is too late, when it is amenable to surgery and/or chemotherapy. Hence, most screening tests for cancers are devised to diagnose the disease before it start causing any serious problem to the patient.

Some common and seemingly subtle symptoms may indicate cancer and it is important for all of us to know which common symptoms may be indicative of cancer.

Unexplained lump:

Most commonly, unexplained lumps are due to lipoma, which is tumor of fatty tissue, which are benign in nature and usually do not cause any harm. However, sometimes there may be lump (which are usually swelling of lymph nodes), e.g. in armpit, groin, neck etc. which do not go away on its own, within a month or two can be suggestive of cancer. In such a situation consult your doctor immediately.

Changes in the mole:

This could be suggestive of melanoma, which is an aggressive cancer. Moles may change in appearance, size, shape or color, before it turns into melanoma. Do not ignore simple symptom of changes in a mole, because it could be fatal mistake.

Persistent cough or hoarseness of voice:

If you are a heavy smoker a persistent cough and/or hoarseness of voice may be suggestive of cancer in head and neck region. Cancer can affect the vocal cords and affect the voice. Never ignore long standing cough and hoarseness of voice.

Changes in bowel habit:

Any change in bowel habit can be indicative of colon cancer, which is a common type of cancer in many parts of the world. Be aware and consult your doctor if there is any change in bowel habit, especially after having established bowel habit for long duration.

Unexplained weight loss:

This is another common symptom of cancer. Weight loss occurs because the rapidly growing cancer cells consume most of the calories (food) you eat and you end up losing weight despite eating normally. If you are eating normal and not dieting or doing exercise for weight loss, but there is sudden and significant weight loss, it is indicative of cancer.

Unexplained bleeding:

Blood in phlegm, may indicate lung cancer. If you spot blood in toilet or during urinating, they may indicate cancer of kidney, colon or bladder. Bleeding from skin tag, mole or any skin lesion may indicate skin cancer.

Unexplained nagging pain:

If you cannot pin point pain, but the pain persists for long duration may be suggestive of pain due to cancer. Pain occurs due to cancerous tumor pressing on nerve, organ or tissue, which leads to pain.

Hence, it is important to know which common symptoms may be indicative of cancer and get medical attention when you suffer from such symptoms, to rule out cancer and if cancer, to manage it appropriately in time and effectively.

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