The Top Nine Habits You Should Drop Today

The Top Nine Habits You Should Drop Today

We know by now that we need to eat the right foods, need to work out, and do stuff that is healthy for us. Because maintaining good health does not happen by accident, it requires work and smart lifestyle choices. But sometimes when we wake up at 6 am to hit the gym before work or shunning the donuts in breakfast, it’s easy to lose sight of for what are we doing all these. So here are some top articles choices that can keep you motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep diseases at bay.

The Top Nine Habits You Should Drop Today

Bad habits creep up on you from all angles. You may not know just how bad for you the bad habit is.

Some habits take years to start to show the consequences. However, for a large number of these seemingly innocent habits, the consequences are life changing.

Here are some bad habits you should drop today.

Using your phone too much, The Top Nine Habits You Should Drop Today

Your phone can do everything now. You can use it to communicate, find important information and to relax. It can play videos, watch entire films and keep you up to date with live events. Your phone is an all-in-one gadget like nothing you have ever had before.

You might be unknowingly using your phone too much. You could be spending countless consecutive hours just staring at your phone’s screen.

You need to limit your usage of this device. Alongside the effect it could have on your vision, your phone could be emitting dangerous levels of radiation. It could even distract you on your travels and cause an accident.

Staying off your phone will improve your health, as well as give you the chance to enjoy the world around you.

Drinking alcohol excessively, The Top Nine Habits You Should Drop Today

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages could harm your liver, your heart and your brain. It could also increase the risk of diabetes and obesity.

It could also impair your judgement and lead you to use other drugs. Many who are undergoing Codeine addiction treatment express alcohol as their step up to stronger drugs. Mixing alcohol with other substances could result in co-occurrence, which is difficult to beat.

You could limit your drinking by taking measured amounts over a period of time. The end goal should be to stop completely, and to replace it with healthier alternatives.

Binge-watching television into the night

You need your rest. But that television show is so good that you cannot just go to bed. What’s one more episode?

One more episode could have huge consequences. On the short term, your body will experience sleep debt, fatigue and lethargy. You will spend tomorrow sluggish and poorly rested.

On the long term, your sleep debt will add up to unimaginable levels. You will constantly be fatigued and barely have any energy. You will also be at a higher risk of getting diabetes, having high blood pressure, and experiencing mini sleep which may cause accidents if you are driving.

What’s one more episode? Something you could watch tomorrow.

Always having a full schedule, The Top Nine Habits You Should Drop Today

You’re needed on all fronts. Your schedule is packed. Are you finding any time for yourself?

A full schedule may keep you occupied. It could even earn you a little bit more. However, keeping too busy could affect your health.

Keeping too busy, particularly when there is lengthy sitting involved, may cause fatigue and an increased risk of joint pain. You are also more likely to have unhealthy meals which will affect your heart, blood vessels and other important organs.

Eating only ready-made meals

Cooking can be tedious chore. There are some fast food choices, which can be delicious. You could be tempted to regularly order in.

Fast foods might be the seemingly delicious option, but they are packed with unhealthy fats that will clog your heart and blood vessels.

Homemade meals do not have to be cooked for long amounts of time. You can find easy recipes and delicious alternatives that will have you eating healthy.

Eating even when you’re not hungry

The body sends you timely signals. You yawn when you’re tired. When you’re thirsty, you feel parched. When you’re hungry, your stomach might grumble. It’s a tried and tested system that keeps you fed and bred.

Food is readily available for most people in most places. You may find yourself craving that between meals snack. You could even make a meal of it.

Eating when you are not hungry can increase your likelihood of obesity, which is linked with a raise in the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. Eating may feel good, but your body’s metabolism may not be equipped to handle the extra food.

Instead, you can find a range of healthy fillers that will keep you away from food. Fruits and nuts offer delicious alternatives that will supplement your body with important nutrients and minerals. Try an apple and some almonds instead.

Using painkillers regularly, The Top Nine Habits You Should Drop Today

Pain can be uncomfortable. The most appealing method for relief is a quick pill to take away your problematic pain.

Painkillers are addictive and harmful to your health in the long run. When you use painkillers, your body develops tolerance to them. More painkillers will be needed to alleviate your pain. They also inhibit your body’s ability to naturally take care of pain. It’s a never ending loop of taking painkillers.

Have you considered other options such as meditation and natural alternatives? They could be the key for a pain-free and drug-free future.

Holding permanent grudges, The Top Nine Habits You Should Drop Today

They may have wronged you in the past. They may have even done something unforgivable. You don’t need to keep holding that grudge.

Holding grudges causes you to develop anger. It releases hormones that place a strain on your brain. Holding a permanent grudge will cause you to be in a state of prolonged anger, which is not ideal for your health.

By holding your grudge permanently, you could deteriorate your mental health. They are not worth that.


The carbonated drink goes well with most occasions. However, the drink is more harmful than you would believe. Soda has a high sugar content, which leaves you just as thirsty as you were before. You are inclined to drink more soda after you have had your first cup.

The sugar levels in soda can cause dental problems. They can also cause your body to experience a sugar-fueled high, which lasts for a short time and leaves you feeling sluggish.

Instead of soda, you could choose to take up healthier alternatives such as blended fruit juices, water and tea.

Final thoughts

This list will help you improve your health and relationships in significant ways by addressing small problems you may not know you had. All the items have alternatives that will have you living happier and healthier.

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