The Pros of Using an Electric Toothbrush

The Pros of Using an Electric Toothbrush

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The Pros of Using an Electric Toothbrush

If you haven’t used an electric toothbrush, you should, considering the wide range of benefits that its mechanical action provides. Users report that once they started using electric brushes, they have never made the transition back to manual ones though the costs are higher and they need recharging.

Mechanical action provides for effective brushing

When you use a manual brush, it is likely that you would be doing around 300 strokes per minutes whereas an electric one accomplishes between 7,500 to 30,000! This helps in better plaque removal, thus cleaning your teeth effectively.  A study reported that the rotation and oscillation action that an electric brush provides are also useful in reducing gingivitis., The Pros of Using an Electric Toothbrush

Since the time that Oral-B came out with this innovation, electric brushes have evolved considerably. They now have timer built-in that helps you make sure that you brush for the right amount of time. You can view website that provides a list of the best electric toothbrush for preference and reviews. Some brushes even have stopwatches.

Ease of use

Take the guesswork out! Electric toothbrushes are engineered to provide the right pressure, it’s programmed to indicate the right amount of time needed, and you just need to guide it and leave the cleaning action to it. The best part is that when using a manual brush, we are mostly ignorant of the right pressure to apply, which can be a little too harsh for our gums. You could thus avoid gum recession or stresses on the enamel by using an electric toothbrush.

Many of the electric toothbrushes come with features that are convenient like brushing modes depending on the type of teeth you have, specialized gum massaging actions, digital reminders to replace brush heads, and oscillating actions that take the guesswork out of brushing.

Helpful for seniors and kids

For kids, it is difficult to get a hang of how to brush and often that leads to plaque buildup. The food that stays back leads to tooth decay. An electric toothbrush could solve those problems, especially in cleaning the hard to reach places. However, be sure to check the recommendations on suitability for kids before you buy them one. Seniors also can find it helpful, especially if they have difficulty moving hands. With an electric one, seniors just need to guide the brush around the right quadrants of the mouth.

Avoid diseases

This one is pretty obvious. We have been told umpteen times since our childhood that healthy teeth lead to a healthy body. Despite the best of intentions and even regular brushing practices, we fail to brush the optimal amount or for the optimal time. With manual brushes, we may not be able to reach all places, which in turn leads to all the plaque and tartar buildup. With the electric toothbrush reaching all those hard areas, it is a sure way to avoid gingivitis and gum disease. Since it reaches all the odd places of your teeth set, it also helps prevent bad breath by its automatic flossing actions.

For the environmentally conscious

Now, for those of you who really care about the environment, this is cause for cheer. Firstly, they are recyclable and secondly, an electric toothbrush uses far less of plastic. Some studies point out that you would need to replace 25 brush heads before you use the amount of plastic that goes into one manual toothbrush.

For those of you who are still doubtful, note that dentists also favor electric toothbrushes for the comprehensive cleaning that it provides. Dentists do not say that the electric ones are superior to the manual ones, but still recommend the electric ones just for the better mechanical cleaning capabilities that it has. Brushing twice a day is still recommended.


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