The Importance Of A Balanced Diet

Most health related websites will tell you that it’s not about eating more of one thing and not the other; it’s about balancing everything in your diet. The WebMD website really focus on this concept and discuss that eating all the foods from the main food groups is actually necessary, but it’s weighing up the amounts of what you eat which is important. There are also some great recipes to assist you with creating a regular balanced diet.

What are the main food groups that you need to think about? Fruit and vegetables, starchy foods (pasta, bread and potatoes), meat, fish, eggs and beans, dairy products and foods containing salt and sugar.  It is said that most people in the USA eat too many calories in the salty and sugary food group other than eating vegetables and fruit.

But just because the salty and sugary foods are deemed to be not good for you, you do still need to have some of these foods in the diet to remain balanced. Did you know that protein repairs and grows the body? The meat, fish, eggs and beans food group contains a lot of protein; they are great sources of vitamins and minerals. Eggs are a great food to have in different styles: scrambled, poached, or fried and recipes like this devilled eggs recipe from Kraft is great to add a little variety to your protein meal.

Fats and sugary foods are good sources of energy for the body; if we eat too much of these foods then we take on more energy than our body can deal with and that leads to weight issues and health issues. You can eat foods from the main food groups that will help you to keep the intake of fats and sugars up, without creating an imbalance in your diet.

Sugar is naturally in foods like fruit and milk, so moderate amounts of fruit in your diet will also give your body the sugar that it needs for energy. Unsaturated fats are a good way of giving your body essential fatty acids, which keep us healthy, so making sure to eat foods like oily fish, nuts and seeds and avocado will help to reduce cholesterol and keep a balanced diet.

You do not need to eat chocolate, fizzy drinks and pastries to keep your energy levels up; you can do this by eating a healthier alternative, which will also help to keep the balanced diet, balanced! Why not try cutting out the sugary fizzy drinks and chocolate biscuits for a short while and replacing them with something a little healthier, but just as tasty?

Sparkling flavoured water could be a great replacement if you like a fizzy drink throughout the day and instead of snacking on biscuits, why not try baking a pull-apart coffee cake and having a little bit of that.


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