The Common Cure – 6 Tips For Fixing the Morning Malaise

We all know that unfortunate feeling that comes when you wake up and you can just tell that you are about to get sick. When you are just on the brink of life interrupting illness and it could happen that afternoon or a week from now, but it is unfortunately inevitable. Maybe there is nothing you can do about getting sick, but there are some things you can do to feel better right now! Here are six tips for getting yourself in working order when you wake up feeling only so-so.

1- Nutrition and Immunity

If you often wake up feeling sub-par and you get sick more often than you should, the answer might lie in your diet and habits. If you regularly don’t get enough vitamins and antioxidants or if you have any food allergies or intolerances that you don’t know about, your immune system will suffer. Services like Cura Medicine that offer allergy testing and nutritionists might be the thing you need to get your mornings back on track.

2- Mainlining Vitamin C and Other ‘Super Foods’

Large doses of vitamin C can help get you going when you are feeling crappy.

This isn’t something you should do everyday (regular vitamin C is good for your health, however, you should stick to recommended dosages), but if you need an extra kick it’s okay once in awhile. Any excess vitamin C that your body can’t use will just be expelled in your urine, so there are no adverse side effects.

Daily doses of chia seeds and red berries are also fantastic for get up and go!

They will give you the natural energy boost you need whilst healthily supporting your immunity and assist in the prevention of the common sniffles and coughs that occasionally get us all down.

3- Caffeine

This is a cliche for a reason!

Caffeine will get you going and help you face the day.

The best way to get your hit is in coffee, with as little milk and sugar as you can stand. This will just keep it lower in fat and sugar, which will make you feel worse in the long run. You should avoid sugary energy drinks as they can cause a bit of a crash later in the day when the high runs out. For best results take your coffee with breakfast so that you aren’t caught short later in the energy department! Plus, the good news for us coffee addicts is that up to four cups a day is fine!

4- Cool Showers

I’m not asking you to get out of bed in the morning and have an icy cold shower, but lowering the temperature by a few degrees has a load of great benefits. A cool shower will wake you up more effectively than a hotter shower because getting nice, warm and steamy will only make you crave your bed more. Not only that but cool water is better for your hair and skin and will help get your blood pumping. Sometimes all you need to get going is just waking up effectively.

5- Get a Balanced Breakfast 

If you are getting sick, your body needs food to fight the infection.

You aren’t going to get anywhere if your body isn’t getting enough fuel, so eating a good meal in the morning; especially when you aren’t feeling one hundred percent is essential. The morning is the best time for fruit and fibre so you should mix it up and have enough to leave you full and satisfied.

6- Cold and Flu Tablets 

When all else fails and you just have to get on with your day you can take a tablet.

This will allow you to get whatever needs doing, done. Whilst this can mask symptoms it is proven that when you take cold and flu tablets you are likely to recover faster (as long as you still rest and take care of yourself).

When you wake up feeling not quite right, you should always listen to your body and give it the time and care it needs. I promise your body will thank you in the end!


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