Ten Reasons Why You Should Ask Your Child Do Physical Activity

We all know children should play for their better growth and development. Research has shown that children who remain obese at twelve years of age at much greater risk of remaining obese throughout their life and obesity is linked with numerous health problems. Hence, the earlier your child is in good physical shape the better it is. Adequate physical activity leads to your child looking better as well as staying healthier. Here are the ten reasons of physical activity by children.

  • Regular physical activity improves heart health: the performance of heart muscles improves, if they are challenged more by regular physical activity, like any other muscle. If your child do regular physical activity, it strengthen the heart muscles and prevent various heart diseases. Heart diseases are the leading cause of death and by inculcating physical activity you can impart a healthy lifestyle in your child from early age.
  • Regular physical activity improves lung health: the working capacity and lung capacity to hold more air increases by doing regular physical activity, which helps lungs to breath in more air and helps blood to get more oxygen from the inhaled air. Because of higher lung capacity and improved efficiency, more air is exhaled which help to drive out more carbon dioxide and other unwanted gases from blood. Regular physical activity improves overall functional capacity of lungs.

  • Regular physical activity controls blood pressure: regular physical activity is important for controlling of blood pressure. Exercise reduces stress, which in turn reduce blood pressure. In case of low blood pressure regular physical activity helps by increasing blood pressure to normal level. Hence, regular physical activity is best for hypertension (high blood pressure) as well as hypotension (low blood pressure).
  • Regular physical activity keep body weight under control: if you want your child to be of normal body weight, regular physical activity is the answer. Sedentary lifestyle leads to higher calorie intake than required, because of lower calorie expenditure, which leads to obesity. Obesity is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. Ask your child to exercise and keep obesity away.
  • Regular physical activity improves blood sugar level: diabetes is increasingly becoming common across the world. Regular physical activity can help to keep blood sugar under control. During physical activity/exercise our muscles can use glucose without need of insulin, which helps to control blood sugar and make insulin more efficient in metabolizing carbohydrates.
  • Regular physical activity strengthen bones: regular physical activity makes muscles stronger and bones also respond by becoming stronger. regular physical activity makes bones more dense and prevent future osteoporosis, especially among girls.
  • Regular physical activity improves stamina: well, we all know that regular physical activity improves stamina. Physical activity makes you more energetic.
  • Regular physical activity reduce risk of cancer: studies have shown that individuals who exercise regularly have lower incidence of cancer, e. g. breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer etc. Ask your child to do regular physical activity to reduce risk of various cancers.
  • Regular physical activity keeps your blood vessels normal and patent: regular physical activity can lower cholesterol level and do not allow deposits in blood vessel walls and keep the blood vessels patent. Blocked blood vessels of heart due to deposition of cholesterol in their walls is the cause of heart attacks. So, ask your child to do regular physical activity and prevent various cardiovascular problems.
  • Regular physical activity improves emotional health: regular physical activity keeps your mood high and you feel better. Regular physical activity makes you feel more energetic, less stressed and improves your emotions. So, ask your child to do regular physical activity and remain stable emotionally.

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