Symptoms of Back Pain and When to See a Doctor

Symptoms of Back Pain and When to See a Doctor

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Symptoms of Back Pain and When to See a Doctor

Back pain is one of the most common medical reason people miss work as well as visit their doctor. It is a common cause of disability across the globe. Back pain is so common that it is hard to find a person who did not have a back pain episode in life. Fortunately most cases of back pain can be properly managed and get relief from back pain and also prevent it. If you cannot prevent back pain, following physiotherapy guideline of body mechanics and simple easily available home remedies can be of great help. One can keep back pain at bay with simple steps for long time. Surgery for back pain is very rarely required and also not advisable for most individuals with back pain., Symptoms of Back Pain and When to See a Doctor

What are the symptoms of back pain?

  • Stabbing or shooting pain in lower back, most commonly in lumbar area
  • Muscle ache/pain in lower back region
  • Pain may radiate to lower limbs up to legs
  • Range of motion of the back is limited as well as flexibility is reduced

When to see a doctor for back pain?

  • If your back pain do not improve with home remedies and self-care within two weeks of starting, it is time to see a doctor.
  • If your back pain is severe and does not improve with rest, it is time to see a doctor, because most commonly back pain improves on rest
  • If pain radiates to lower limbs, especially if it radiates below knee, consult your doctor
  • If back pain is associated with numbness or tingling sensation in one or both legs, see a doctor
  • Sometimes back pain may be a signal of serious underlying medical condition. You should seek immediate medical help if you notice new bowel or bladder problem, if your back pain is followed by a fall, blow to your back or immediately after other type of injury. If back pain accompanied by fever consult your doctor.
  • If your back pain occur for the first time and you are above 50 years of age, see your doctor.
  • If you have history of alcohol abuse, cancer, osteoporosis, steroid abuse, drug abuse, history of spinal surgery, or any other major surgery involving spine etc. and also you have back pain, consult your doctor without any delay.
  • If you think your back pain is causing a problem, you should consult a doctor.


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