Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) also known as ADHD predominantly inattentive is a subtype of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In attention deficit disorder, there is problem of over activity (hyperactivity), inattentiveness, impulsivity or combination of these symptoms. Due to the above mentioned symptoms the children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD are not within normal range for children’s age and development.

What are the symptoms of attention deficit disorder?

The symptoms of ADD include:

  • Over activity or hyper-activity
  • Lack of attention to anything, including studies
  • Behavior is impulsive type

These are the broad types of symptoms of ADD or ADHD.

Examples of hyperactivity or over activity symptoms include:

  • Child does not remain seated when expected from a child.
  • Cannot play quietly, unlike normal children, do not get tired
  • Runs or climbs when not expected
  • Fidgets with hands or feet
  • Talks too much

Examples of lack of attention symptoms include:

  • Find difficult to pay attention during playing or study when a task is assigned
  • Do not pay attention when spoken to directly
  • Make simple and careless mistakes in school work, due to lack of attention
  • Can not organize tasks and activities properly, unlike his/her peers
  • Can not follow instructions given in school and make mistakes in schoolwork,
  • Try to avoid tasks/activities that require attention, such as writing something attentively in school
  • Frequently looses pencils, books, tools, assignments etc. required in school task
  • Forgets daily routine activities
  • Child with ADD and ADHD can be distracted from something easily

Examples of lack of impulsiveness symptoms include:

  • Do not want to wait for his/her turn to do something
  • Interrupts others during playing or during conversation
  • Try to burst answers before question is completed


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