Suffering From Constipation? Eat These High Fiber Foods

Suffering From Constipation? Eat These High Fiber Foods

We know by now that we need to eat the right foods, need to work out, and do stuff that is healthy for us. Because maintaining good health does not happen by accident, it requires work and smart lifestyle choices. But sometimes when we wake up at 6 am to hit the gym before work or shunning the donuts in breakfast, it’s easy to lose sight of for what are we doing all these. So here are some top articles choices that can keep you motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep diseases at bay.

Suffering From Constipation? Eat These High Fiber Foods

Constipation is a common problem, not to mention in busy Western life. In most cases, constipation can be kept at bay, easily by selectively consuming high fiber foods. We all suffer from constipation sometimes in life. If your constipation problem is ever-present, you need to consume high fiber foods. Right amount of fiber in diet can prevent constipation. It can also help in reducing cholesterol, lowering blood sugar level, helpful in preventing colon cancer, help avoid hemorrhoids etc. It is recommended that men should get 35 to 40 grams of fiber per day and women at least 25 grams a day to prevent problems of constipation etc. However, in US and Europe average person gets just about 15 grams a day, which is way below recommended daily intake of fiber., Suffering From Constipation? Eat These High Fiber Foods

The following is a list of commonly consumed high fiber foods, that can help prevent and control your constipation and other problems that occur due to low fiber in diet.

Kidney beans:

Kidney beans are rich in fiber, protein and iron. It is a popular food item in India as well as some parts of US. Make sure to start eating kidney beans to get adequate fiber.


Eat one avocado and get approximately 10 grams of fiber from it. Along with its excellent taste and rich fiber, avocado is also rich in unsaturated fats (help reduce cholesterol and lower risk of heart disease), minerals and vitamins.


Edamame are immature soya beans. This is usually prepared by boiling immature soya beans with the pod and it is very high in fiber. A cup of boiled edamame can provide you with more about 20 grams of fiber and more than 20 grams of protein. What else do we need from a cup of tasty food? You can just gulp the boiled edamame or make a tasty dip to enjoy it. Start eating edamame and say bye-bye to constipation.


If you have not tried this tasty Indian dish, it is time you try it. Lentils is rich in fiber, protein, iron, vitamins and more.


One cup of peas can provide you with more than 15 grams of fiber and lots of protein. Fresh peas is of course best, even frozen peas are excellent source of fiber, protein and vitamins. Hence, add pea in your regular diet.


This is a common vegetable. Approximately 5 grams of fiber is present in a cup of broccoli. It is able to prevent even cancer, as it is rich in vitamins, minerals.


An apple a day keep doctor away, is actually very much true to a great extent. Apple is rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. A regular size apple provide you about 5 grams of fiber. So, start your day with and apple.


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