Stiff Neck: Symptoms, Causes and Dangers

Stiff neck generally cause soreness of neck and difficulty in neck movements, especially side movements, i.e. while trying see right or left by turning the head. Stiff neck may last from few days to weeks.

Symptoms of stiff neck:

The symptoms of stiff neck may vary from mild discomfort to frank and severe pain in the neck. There may also be associated symptoms such as headache, pain in arm and/or shoulder and in between shoulder blades. In severe cases the individual suffering from stiff neck (neck pain) may have to move entire body right or left while trying to see sideways. The muscles of the neck may be stiff/hard, sore and tense on touch. There may be tingling sensation in fingers or arm.

Stiffness of neck may be accompanied by high fever, headache, drowsiness/sleepiness nausea, vomiting, which is indicative of meningitis.

Most commonly stiff neck or neck rigidity appears suddenly without any apparent reason (although some underlying immediate cause is always there).

Thankfully these symptoms can be treated by taking pain-relieving medications. Those who have a prescription for pain relief medicine should look into the benefits of ordering their medication online. The entire process is fairly simple, and once the patient is set up to receive their prescription via online pharmacy, it is delivered straight to their home on a regular basis. This ensures that anyone suffering from severe neck pain will have convenient access to relief without having to worry about driving to the drug store with a stiff neck.

What are the causes of stiff neck or neck rigidity?

The causes of stiff neck are many:

  • Muscle sprain: this is the most common cause. During our day to day activity neck muscles may be sprained due to sleeping in an abnormal position, injury or trauma during playing, activities that involves side to side frequent movements (such as swimming), working in an inappropriate position (such as working long hours in from of computer), holding neck and head in abnormal position for long time (e.g. cradling phone/mobile in between head and shoulder), mental stress etc. But for many people the reason of neck muscle sprain may not be found.
  • Stiff neck may also be caused by serious medical conditions such as meningitis, disorders of cervical spine (such as scoliosis or deformed natural curvature of the spine, cervical osteoarthritis, herniation of cervical disc, cervical spondylosis etc.), injury.

Neck pain or stiffness of neck may be signal of serious medical condition (such as meningitis) and everyone must be aware of this. In case of meningitis neck stiffness/pain is generally associated with vomiting, nausea, high fever or headache. If you have neck stiff neck or neck pain with any of the above symptoms, do not hesitate to consult your doctor immediately.


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