Spider Bites and Its Symptoms

Spider Bites and Its Symptoms

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Spider Bites and Its Symptoms

Spider bites are generally harmless as most of the spider species do not have long enough fangs to be able to penetrate human skin and their venom also not strong enough for causing any harm to humans. Hence, majority (more than 99%) of spiders are harmless to humans. Frequently it is seen that many types of skin infections and skin conditions are mistakenly thought to be spider bites by the sufferers. It is also not uncommon to blame spiders for bites that are actually done by other bugs.

There are two species of spiders that can actually cause harm to humans and in rare occasions may even kill humans and they are black widow spider and the brown recluse spider and these are usually found in North America and generally not seen elsewhere. Black widow spider bites causes severe abdominal pain and cramping and brown recluse spider bite causes death of cells around the bite site.

What are the symptoms of spider bite?

The bites of spider generally look like bite by any other bugs. Generally there is a red, inflamed, bump on your skin which may be sometimes itchy or painful. The bite may even go unnoticed as most of the spider bites do not cause any problem or symptoms at all.

Symptoms caused by black widow spider bite:

  • Pain: pain of black widow spider bite can be severe and usually start one hour after the bite. The pain usually starts at the bite site and may spread over to back, chest or abdomen gradually from bite site.
  • Cramp: abdominal cramp caused by black widow spider bite can be very severe and sometimes so severe that the cram may be mistaken as due to appendicitis or even due to rupture of appendix, which is a medical/surgical emergency.
  • Sweating: there may be excessive sweating after black widow spider bite, in the affected limb as well as in the whole of the affected limb.

Symptoms of brown recluse spider bite:

The symptoms of brown recluse spider bite are different from that of the bite of black widow spider. There is usually pain associated with brown recluse spider bite, which tend to increase in severity for about eight hours after the bite and then subside gradually. Usually the bite heals on its own in about a week time. A few cases may cause the skin at the center of the bite to become dusky red and then evolve into a deep open sore or ulcer. The ulcer enlarges slowly as the surrounding skin dies. Even if the ulcer may grow only up to 10 days, it may take more than a month to heal completely.

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