Specialties That an OB/GYN Can Have

Specialties That an OB/GYN Can Have

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Specialties That an OB/GYN Can Have

An OB/GYN is a medical professional who who has chosen to focus in the areas of medicine that include gynecology and obstetrics. You might be a female who is seriously thinking about having a family in the future. If this is the case, it is absolutely essential for you to locate the most experienced OB/GYN who is practicing in your area. This person will be able to give you medical care for the entire time you are pregnant. As with other types of doctors, there are some people who work in the OB/GYN profession who are much more skilled and talented than their colleagues. This is why you should never start going to see the first OB/GYN you see listed in the phone book. Find out how long the person has been practicing. It would also be helpful to learn what medical school he or she graduated from. Here are a few of the specialties that exist in the OB/GYN profession., Specialties That an OB/GYN Can Have

1. Pelvic medicine and reproductive surgery

An OB/GYN who focuses on these areas specializes in surgery. Urinary tract issues are dealt with by this person. He or she will also be able to repair the muscle and connective tissue that is located underneath the pelvic region. The pelvic floor often experiences a weakening due to age and being pregnant. Bladder problems, incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse are all issues that this person can deal with.

2. Gynecologic oncology

The elimination of different types of cancer in the reproductive system of a female is what this OB/GYN specializes in. It is possible for cancer to develop in the uterus, ovaries, vulva and cervix. He or she will be able to accurately determine what parts of the reproductive system the cancer has spread to. A treatment plan will then be developed based on where the cancer is located and how advanced it is. A person who is skilled in gynecologic oncology will often be able to rid the impacted area of all cancerous cells and restore the patient’s reproductive system to the way it was before.

3. Infertility and reproductive endocrinology

This doctor will deal with infertility issues that females suffer from. An expertise in the female endocrine system is required for this area. This is the type of OB/GYN you will need to consult with if you have repeatedly tried and failed to conceive. The transfer of an embryo will be able to be performed by this OB/GYN. In vitro fertilization is another type of procedure that this person is trained to perform.

4. Maternal-fetal medicine

Women who have a pregnancy that has a high risk of serious complications will go to see this type of OB/GYN. This doctor has an expertise in the area of maternal-fetal medicine. Some of the issues he or she will be able to treat include blood pressure that is frequently high, diabetes that is gestational, women who do not have blood that is able to clot in a normal manner and women who go into labor prematurely. Max Izbicki chose a career as an OB/GYN because he wants women to have healthy pregnancies and reproductive systems. Max Izbicki OBGYN has helped many women to live healthier lives.


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