Some Important Facts You Should Know About Optical Migraine

Some Important Facts You Should Know About Optical Migraine

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Some Important Facts You Should Know About Optical Migraine

Generally people when people suffer from headaches they go through a simple massage or have some pill to get rid of it. But if you suffer from visual changes during these headaches then you must make sure that you visit a medical professional and get appropriate treatment done. In general cases headaches occur on a recurrent basis and it can be severely painful. This pain mainly takes place on one side of the brain and would face an aura before these pain occur. This includes dizziness, vomiting tendency, ringing in the ear or some visual flashes.

An optical migraine tends to be different from the general headaches. In this case there is absence of pain and the person just faces an aura of visual flashes. These cases occur with very few people and it takes time for the patients to realize the main problem. This kind of situation is also termed as ocular migraine or acephalgic migraine. The visual disturbance that a person faces mainly includes flashes of light in a zigzag form. At the start small aura of visual march starts occurring in front of the eyes. These zig zag flashes of light seem to be crossing the field of the vision and slowly start fading away after sometime. These attacks can last for few minutes to several hours. Sometimes severe cases of migraine can disturb the field of the patient’s vision by creating a blind spot.

It is difficult to diagnose chronic problems and one needs to go through few tests in order to get complete relief. When same kind of symptoms occurs over and over again for few years then the doctors prescribe certain tests in order to recognize the main reason behind the problem. In case of optical migraine if the visual pattern faces change in their path then it can be serious and one should take medical help as fast as possible. The main cause of migraine is unknown and no one has been able to recognize why this situation occurs. But there have been certain theories by doctors that migraines occur due to some kind of allergy, endocrinal disturbance or temporary edema.

Disturbance in blood circulation and problems in blood vessels causes headaches and visual problems. One must keep in mind that all headaches are not migraines and all visual problems are not optical migraines. There are certain symptoms that case optical migraine and one must visit a doctor before it becomes serious. In serious cases optical migraine is caused due to brain tumor, partial seizures, mini-stroke, and detachment of retina in the eye, multiple sclerosis or ischemic attack.

To get relief from the symptoms of these conditions the patients are generally given aspirin or sedatives. The patients are advised to sleep in a dark room in order to feel better and get a sound sleep. It is very important for the patient to observe the aura that he or she faces before the attack. This would help the doctor in prescribing a medicine depending on the actual symptom that occurs before the attack.

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