Some Common Questions About Medical Translation

Some Common Questions About Medical Translation

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Some Common Questions About Medical Translation

If you are a health care professional, such as doctor, nurse, technician or have good knowledge in the field of medicine, give a try in the field of medical translation. Before giving medical translation a try it is important to understand clearly what about the field or topic we are discussing about. In simple words, medical translation is translation of medical records in simple language so that a non medical person can understand it. The medical translation can be in the field of health care, technical, clinical, medical device, pharmaceutical fields as well as in the field of medical training curriculum, medical regulatory authority and in medical related software. In another words, it means translation in any field related to medical and health care., Some Common Questions About Medical Translation

Across the globe any medical/health care related products require that literature provided with any health care product should be in local and national language. For example if any company markets a health care product such as a health drink or an over the counter medication, it should be provided with a literature and labeling local and national language.

The translation in local and nation language is essential for easy understanding by users who are usually non medical persons. In the field of clinical research (such as clinical trials and other research activities) also medical translation is required, so that patients and regulatory representatives as well as local physicians can understand the documents easily.

Who can become medical translator?

Medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, technicians, dietitians after undergoing specific training on subject matter can become medical translator. As medical texts are highly sensitive, tightly regulated and highly technical in nature, one should be well trained in the subject before becoming a medical translator.

Medical translation requires high skills and sound knowledge and for this reason this is usually handled by medical translation agencies, with vast experience in the field. It is not a job of single person and it is best handled by translation agencies.


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