Shoulder Pain: The Three Primary Causes

Shoulder Pain: The Three Primary Causes

Shoulder Pain: The Three Primary Causes

In the topic of managing pain, it could be said that shoulders don’t receive as much attention as they perhaps deserve.

However, based near the back and the neck, it goes without saying that the pain can be intolerable at times, not to mention that it can impact your day-to-day activities immensely. These activities could be anything from turning your head to speak to someone, to picking your child from the floor. Suffice to say, the shoulder is at the center of a lot of movement., Shoulder Pain: The Three Primary Causes

This is the reason today’s guide has been put together. Before you check in to a pain diagnostic and treatment center Michigan has to offer, take a look at some of the primary causes of shoulder pain to see if you can get a better understanding of your specific problem.

Cause #1 – Arthritis

The A-word is something that a lot of people like to avoid, but there’s no doubt that arthritis is one of the most common reasons behind pain in the shoulder area. This can come as a surprise to some people, as arthritis is often associated with the “common” joints such as the knees.

However, cartilage still exists in the shoulders and as we all know, this is the type of tissue that is affected by arthritis.

There are two types of arthritis that you can be affected by; osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The former is when your joint cartilage in the shoulder simply deteriorates. The latter is more severe and occurs when your body’s immune system eats away at your joints and ultimately causes that dreaded inflammation.

Cause #2 – Nerve pain

As we have already mentioned, your shoulders are key to a lot of movement and are located very close to your back and neck. Obviously, this means they are linked closely to your spinal cord as well.

This proximity to your spinal cord is one of the reasons why nerve pain in your shoulders is so common. This “pain” doesn’t have to be of the traditional variety either, it can involve your shoulders tingling or just being numb. A lot of people who are suffering from nerve pain suggest that the sensation is like pins and needles, so it can be quite easy to determine if this is the reason you are suffering. This sensation can even span down to your arms and hands.

The main cause behind this is usually a herniated disc or osteoporosis fractures. Both of these cause nerve roots from the spinal cord to become compressed and ultimately, cause all of the problems that we documented in the previous paragraph.

Cause #3 – Tendinitis

This is another word that is commonly associated with shoulder pain and to put it into plain English terms, it simply involves the tendons in your shoulders becoming inflamed.

Fortunately, this is usually a short-term problem, although over time it can develop which is one of the reasons you need to get it seen to as a matter of urgency. The main cause behind tendonitis is overuse or stress, with the sac that protects the shoulder becoming inflamed.


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