Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

The answer to the question of buying travel insurance is not as simple as it sound. But in my opinion, buying travel insurance before undertaking a trip is a wise decision, may it be a business trip, holiday, educational trip or any other travel in home country or abroad. You may differ from my opinion, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

So if you are going for a trip, think seriously and take a decision, which should be of buying travel insurance and before buying travel insurance try to learn and know at least the basics of travel insurance, such as what travel insurance cover and what is not covered under travel insurance (different travel insurance providers may cover different aspects of your travel), what is the average cost of travel insurance (over and above your travel expense), from where to buy travel insurance etc. Knowledge about travel insurance can help you greatly to decide to buy or not to buy and from where to buy (if you decide to buy).

While traveling we are exposed to certain amount of risk of life, accidents, illness etc. which is more than if you are not traveling away from your locality, according to most experts in the field. The risk of life and illness is the most important reason why you should buy travel insurance. No matter what we plan during travel things may go wrong at any time and any moment and due to this risk we need shelter of travel insurance cover. If you are a frequent traveler you should even think of buying travel insurance policy which gives cover for longer duration, which is not limited to current travel only and gives cover for a predetermined period of time continuously such as one year or two years or more.

Travel insurance cover some important things related to travel, such as reimbursement of travel expenses if a traveler is unable to make a trip due to illness, death, terrorism, airline strike, weather (flood earthquake etc.) or loss of employment. Travel insurance also covers for loss of baggage, delay in travel, damage to rental car etc. Death cover typically provided for accidental death during travel trip, may be due to ferry, train, bus, taxi or air accident.

There are also many aspects of travel insurance which you should confirm from travel insurance provider at the time of buying travel insurance.

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