Seven Key Health Benefits of Yoga, You Probably Never Knew

Yoga has been around for ages.

This is probably because of its benefits in enhancing Qi flow through your body and boosting that mind-body connection.

However, tell this to a newbie and the numerous facial contortions eluding to confusion you will get in response will leave you tongue-tied and at a loss of words.

Fortunately, science has been catching up on the issue of yoga and your health, revealing some mind-blowing benefits on the same.

Mixed race woman practicing yoga in park

1.Heavenly Suppleness

Participate in a yoga class for the first time and chances are that you might not be able to pull off most of the moves there.

You will gradually get better at it with time, though.

This is because yoga stretches out tight muscles and evens out imbalances, allowing you to finally reach those toes.

This is key in preventing falls, injuries and muscle cramps in real life situations.

Besides, who would want to stay as stiff as a board, anyway?

2. Fantastic Posture

Unfortunately, for our time of age, most day jobs probably involve sitting on a chair and hovering over a computer all day long.

As a result, we take up bad sitting positions, rounding our backs and hunching our shoulder for extended periods of time.

Eventually, our hamstrings and hip flexors tighten and everything else goes to hell.

We end up with rounded shoulders, humpbacks, and a seemingly permanent posterior pelvic tilt.

Thanks to the flexibility, yoga provides, you will be standing upright in no time.

3. Kick Arthritis to the Curb

The rule of life is simple: use it or lose it.

We simply don’t get to move around much these days.

If we aren’t watching TV, we’re on our phones, if we’re not on our phones, we’re on the computer working.

The result?

Our joints stiffen up and the protective cartilage within begins to wear out.

Yoga prevents this by allowing healthy movement, which improves range of motion in joints.

In turn, this promotes insurgence of fresh blood, which provides nutrients, preventing the breakdown of joints.

4. Strengthen Those Muscles

Some yoga poses force you to hold your body weight up, which conditions your muscles.

This will make them firm and strong.

Not only will this make you look good, you will also burn some calories while you’re at it as well.

Strong muscles are also key to protecting your joints from excessive strain.

Add flexibility to the equation and you end up with a balanced body.

Sure, you could get strong muscles lifting weights, but that alone won’t give you flexibility and good posture.

5. Let that Blood Flow

Taking up yoga poses puts you in positions that strain muscles, which will elevate your heart rate.

This causes more fresh blood to flow to these muscles to supply much-needed nutrients to cells and carry away toxins.

Thanks to the deep breathing that you will be doing in these poses, you end up boosting your oxygen supply to the blood through your lungs.

Add increased blood pressure to this and you have a good supply of fresh nutrients to your entire body.

6. Sweet Stress Relief

Tension and stress are probably the number one killers of our generation.

A dying economy coupled with tons of responsibilities and insatiable needs have dropped this entire world into chaos and frenzy.

Consequently, we have higher occurrences of strokes and heart attacks than ever before.

Yoga gives you the opportunity to step back from all the insanity and relax.

Meditative poses like Savasana allows your heart to slow down and pressure to drop so you can take a load off through meditation.

This will also help get rid of that nerve-wracking insomnia at night.

7. Protect Your Spine

For your spine to stay nice and healthy, it needs to move around and contort in all sorts of directions.

This is the best way to get the blood flowing back there so that it gets all the nutrients it needs.

When we fail to do this, the spine compresses with time leading to stiffening and herniated disks.

Yoga provides you with a variety of movements, allowing you to twist and turn that spine all over the place.

This keeps it nice and supple so you can enjoy using it all the way into your 70s.

Well, there you go.

Seven health reasons why you should get started with yoga.

So, it’s about time you got your yoga gear in check and landed yourself a good old yoga gym subscription.

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Do you know of any other health benefits that come from being a dedicated yogi?

Please, do share with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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