Role of Support in Quitting Smoking

There are millions of people (smokers) who want to quit smoking, but unfortunately unable to do so due to lack of support or due to lack of knowledge or right information. Support for quitting smoking may be from friends and relatives (and loved ones) or support may be from support groups or NGOs (non Government Organizations). From where the support is, the support should be available to the smoker, if he/she is trying to quit smoking, at the right time and ideally the support should come from support groups as well as from friends and relatives.

An ideal support also include support from like minded peoples, who are also trying to give up smoking. If you are trying to quit smoking, you should join group of people who are also thriving to achieve the goal of quitting smoking, which can be of great help at right time by right persons. Support from former smokers can also be taken as it will help in motivating the smoker to quit smoking.

The role of support for quitting smoking is of vital importance, as support is the only answer when a smoker is trying to quit smoking, but unable to do so and he/she is frustrated. Support from right person or right place can give a boost to the determination of the smoker to give up smoking, which he/she is thriving to achieve.

If required take support from your doctor in giving up smoking. Your doctor can help you in more than one way by counseling as well as by prescribing medication for the withdrawal symptoms, that may develop during quitting smoking. Keep regular touch with your doctor.

You (as a smoker who is trying to give up smoking seriously) should also decide, before you go for some support. For example, do not waste your time by joining a group of smokers who are trying to quit smoking, but do not have any focus on quitting smoking. A group without clear focus on the target is of no use for themselves and they can not help others to achieve their goal (of quitting smoking).

Support has important role to play for a smoker trying to quit smoking, especially for a smoker who has tried to quit smoking several times but failed. So, get support and help when required in your plan of quitting smoking.

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